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The Management Board of Industrial Zones currently has 08 specialized departments and equivalent, 01 affiliated non-business unit. The total number of officials, public servants and employees of the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones as of the time of reporting is 87 people. The staff of the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones assigned by the Provincial People's Committee is 68 people, including 36 civil servants, 01 staff (VH-TT), 06 contract indicators 68 and 25 officer of the Center for Investment and Development of Industrial Parks under the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones.


Part One




1. The management of planning and construction of industrial zones

Bac Ninh currently has 16 concentrated industrial parks approved and adjusted by the Prime Minister according to Document No. 1511 / TTg-KTN dated August 20, 2014 and Document No. 2007 / TTg-KTN dated November 6, 2015, with a total an area of ​​6,397.68 ha; There are 11 industrial zones granted with investment certificates and establishment decisions (including 14 industrial park infrastructure investment projects) with a total planning area of ​​4,523.60 ha, industrial land for lease 3,163.52 ha. In particular, there are 10 industrial parks in operation with the planned land area of ​​3,681.94 ha, the industrial land area for rent is 2,612.16 ha, leased 1,747.77 ha of industrial land, the occupancy rate on the land area. 66.79% of the plan, 91.2% of the recovered land area, the registered investment capital of US $ 775.30 million (of which: 02 FDI projects with registered capital of US $ 160 million, 12 domestic projects with registered capital of VND 11,390.69 billion).

In 2018, the Management Boards of Industrial Zones continued to advise the Provincial People's Committee to review and adjust the planning of industrial parks according to the content of Directive No. 07 / CT-TTg dated March 20, 2012 of the Prime Minister on reorganizing the management. manage and improve the operational efficiency of industrial zones and submit them to the Ministry of Planning and Investment for appraisal and the Prime Minister for approval. Register to build a project to adjust the planning of industrial zones in Bac Ninh province in the period of 2020-2025, with orientation to 2035 (to reduce the area of ​​Nam Son - Hap Linh industrial park; to increase the area of ​​Thuan Thanh III industrial park; adjusting the planning location of An Viet - Que Vo 6 Industrial Park; adjusting the location of Thuan Thanh Industrial Park 1). Carry out the following contents: Checking the pre-acceptance test of completed works put into use according to regulations; Reviewing the construction according to the granted construction permit and the fire prevention and fighting projects of enterprises in Bac Ninh Industrial Zone as planned; Proceeding: issuing 66 Planning Certificates; Confirm the agreement on principle of subleasing land for 52 projects; Basic design evaluation for about 40 projects, design evaluation of BVTC and economic and technical reports for over 80 projects; Issuing 121 construction permits and adjusting construction licenses for 20 projects.

2. The situation of promotion, attraction and granting of investment certificate

In 2018: Newly granted 125 investment certificates with total registered investment capital of US $ 521.62 million for 95 FDI ​​projects (US $ 391.86 million) and 30 domestic projects (VND 2,939.03 billion, equivalent to USD 129.76 million). Granting 385 times of adjusted projects (FDI: 321 times; domestic: 64 times), including: 89 times of projects with increased investment capital, with an additional investment of 710.93 million USD (74 turns of projects FDI projects to increase investment capital: US $ 541.28 million; 15 domestic projects increase investment capital by VND 3,842.66 billion, equivalent to US $ 169.65 million); 10 times of FDI projects reduce investment capital by 22.04 million USD. Total domestic and FDI projects' total newly and additionally registered investment capital in 2018 was 1,210.51 million USD (domestic: 6,781.69 billion dong, equivalent to 299.41 million USD; FDI was 911.1 million USD). Accordingly, the number of newly licensed projects and newly registered and adjusted investment capital increased in 2018, respectively: 156% (125/80 projects) and 142.4% (1,210.51 / 850 million USD) compared to the plan for 2018; 92.59% (125/135 projects) and 35.37% (1,210.51 / 3,422.75 million USD) compared to the same period in 2017.

In addition, in 2018, a new certificate of investment registration for infrastructure construction of Yen Phong II-C Industrial Park was granted to Viglacera Corporation - JSC with a total registered capital of VND 2,234.01 billion, equivalent to 98. , 63 million USD.

* Accumulated to the end of 2018: Issuing 1,329 Investment certificates (for 445 domestic investment projects and 884 FDI projects) with total newly and adjusted investment capital reaching USD 17,830.03 million (domestic is 45,292.34 billion equivalent to 2,154.36 million USD, FDI is 15,675.67 million USD).

* Regarding investment promotion: Receiving and working with about 90 domestic and foreign investors who came to learn and invest in Bac Ninh Industrial Zones; Coordinating in the development of investment promotion programs and plans in 2019. Monitoring: the process of approving the policy of infrastructure project of VSIP Bac Ninh 2 IZ and technical infrastructure investment project of Yen Phong IZ II-C, the consolidation of 03 projects of Samsung Display Vietnam Co., Ltd.; Join the supervision and evaluation team for the investment project of Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. (check the progress of investment project implementation); Report to Bac Ninh People's Committee on completing the Bac Ninh High-Tech Park Project.

3. Business management

In 2018, there were 87 projects in operation, bringing the total number of projects in operation to the time of reporting was 914 projects. The situation of production and business activities of industrial zone enterprises is relatively stable and has a high growth rate. Compared to the results of 2017 and the 2018 plan, most of the indicators are exceeded (except for labor norms due to objective factors). Specifically:


Chỉ tiêu


Năm 2017

Kế hoạch 2018

Ước thực hiện 2018

UTH 2018 so với 2017

UTH 2018 so với KH 2018



Tỷ đồng







Doanh thu

Tỷ đồng








Triệu USD








Triệu USD







Nộp NS

Tỷ đồng






The Management Board of Industrial Zones regularly reviews and grasps the actual operation status of enterprises in the IZs; Implementation of procedures for termination of investment projects and revocation of investment registration certificates for 27 projects with a total registered investment capital of 227.5 million USD. Accumulated until now, it has terminated its operation and revoked investment registration certificates of 197 projects with a total registered capital of 835 million USD.

4. Labor management:

By the end of 2018, Bac Ninh Industrial Zones used 284,956 employees, an increase of 486 employees compared to the end of 2017 and reached 2.7% of the plan in 2018; In particular, local labor is 76,598 people (27%), female workers are 181,137 people (63.6%), foreign workers 4,341 people (1.52%). The average average income of workers in Bac Ninh Industrial Zones is 6.1 million VND / person / month (indirect labor: 6.9 million VND / person / month; direct labor: 5.8 million VND / person / month).

In 2018, the Board implemented labor regulations for 81 enterprises; Received 77 collective bargaining agreements of the enterprise; Granting and re-granting 2,954 work permits to foreigners; Confirming 87 foreigners working in industrial zones not subject to work permit; Receiving notice of overtime from 200 hours to 300 hours in 2018 of 51 businesses; Approve the plan of using foreign workers (as authorized by the Provincial People's Committee) for 786 enterprises; Confirm key personnel for 01 businesses; Revoke 700 licenses (Enterprises returned due to termination of labor contracts or expired licenses).

Coordinate with units to propagate policies on salary and social insurance policies ... Propagate and urge enterprises of IZs to well implement the labor law, especially foreign workers, and the internal implementation labor regulations, signing collective labor agreements. Contribute comments on drafting some legal documents; Attend conferences and seminars inside and outside the province. Working with VCCI on a cooperation program between VCCI and Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Management Board, Norwegian employers to help businesses improve their skills in dialogue, negotiation, signing collective labor agreements, improving the environment. business school. Coordinate to support 06 workers' petitions. Collaborate with relevant agencies and units to directly handle strikes in industrial parks, contributing to ensuring order stability in enterprises, and at the same time helping enterprises to better implement labor policies, improving improve harmonious and stable labor relationship.

5. Environmental management:

Participants: EIA appraisal meeting for 139 projects; The inspection team of the General Department of Environment inspects the observance of the law on environmental protection for establishments engaged in activities of discharging waste into Bac Hung Hai canal. Preparation of content, program and participation: working with the Supervisory Delegation of the National Assembly's Committee for Science, Technology and Environment regarding the specialized supervision of environmental protection work in IZs and facilities at risk causing high environmental pollution in Bac Ninh province, in which the team directly supervises at Dai Dong - Hoan Son Industrial Park; worked with the State Audit Delegation on environmental management of industrial zones in Bac Ninh province.

Collaboration: (1) with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the province: verifying works and measures to protect the environment for 44 enterprises (enterprises); Inspection is the basis for approving the Project on environmental protection in 06 projects; Tested according to the plan 49 enterprises; Irregular examination of 02 enterprises; Urge the implementation of inspection conclusions on 14 enterprises; inspecting the work of natural resources and environment for 01 enterprise; working with 01 enterprise to resolve people's recommendations about noise and emissions; worked with SaigonTel Bac Ninh Branch on pricing plan and collection rate for drainage services of Dai Dong - Hoan Son Industrial Park; inspect the implementation of inspection conclusions for 01 enterprise according to inspection conclusions of the General Department of Environment; solving recommendations of enterprises in Que Vo Industrial Park about closing wastewater discharge and providing clean water; v / v suggest installing wastewater meter of 01 enterprise; inspecting safety of industrial chemicals and industry and environment protection at 06 IZ enterprises; (2) with the Environmental Police - the provincial Police unexpectedly inspected 04 industrial enterprises; (3) with Vietnam Environment Administration to participate in EIA assessment for 6 projects, confirm the completion of environmental protection works for 02 projects.

Focusing on reviewing, urging and confronting the overcoming of environmental problems according to the inspection conclusions and working minutes of the Management Boards of Industrial Zones in the 2015-2017 period on environmental protection for 189 enterprises. Working with businesses and related units on the following contents: Urge Hanaka Group Joint Stock Company on the construction of centralized wastewater treatment area (the Company has started construction); About some shortcomings in environmental protection work in Que Vo II Industrial Park; Regarding: supplying clean water in Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park; implementing the discharge standards of 01 enterprise of Yen Phong Industrial Zone; v / v sewer cleaning, environmental sanitation at the proposal of Samsung Electronics Company; addressing SaiGonel's recommendations on clearing and ensuring the flow of T11 drainage canal; Resolving petitions of industrial enterprises; Urge the import and export enterprises to invest in construction of environmental treatment facilities; reflecting that some businesses in Tien Son Industrial Park regularly discharge untreated wastewater into canals chaired by Tien Du District People's Committee; Working with the investor of Que Vo II Industrial Park to calculate charge for granting water right.

Up to now, 9/10 industrial parks are operating with centralized wastewater treatment system meeting environmental standards. The centralized waste water treatment station of Hanaka Industrial Park is under construction and is committed to test run until April 30, 2019.

6. Inspection and examination

The Management Board of Industrial Zones performs well the prevention of corruption, waste and other negative manifestations; There are no complaints and denunciations against officials, public servants and agencies. Notice of citizen reception, room arrangement and citizen reception schedule; issue internal regulations on citizen reception and open monitoring books, handle complaints and denunciations according to regulations. Resolving letters of petitions of businesses, workers in industrial zones, not for long lasting backlog.

Strictly observe the regime of reporting related agencies; Join the Provincial Legal Dissemination Council; Participating in the Conference of Reviewing Inspection 2017, implementing tasks in 2018; conference to implement the national database system on settling complaints and denunciations. Proposing the establishment and participation of the Interdisciplinary Inspection Team for the project of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Brick Plant in Que Vo II Industrial Park.

7. Ensuring security and order in industrial zones

Constantly adhering to the area of ​​industrial parks to grasp the security and order situation and other activities in the industrial park. Coordinate to monitor, capture the progress of building V8 channels in front of Samsung Display Co., Ltd.; Making working records for 03 enterprises that have not yet implemented the procedures for investment and construction permit as prescribed; Urging Quang An 1 Joint Stock Company to make paving of the canal back to 6 communes at the request of Tien Du District People's Committee; Attend the Technical Training Festival on fire fighting and rescue, rescue the grassroots firefighting forces in industrial zones.

Collaborate with relevant units: support clearance of illegally encroached households on the construction land of Que Vo Industrial Park; clearing sidewalk tents of street vendors at industrial park road; propaganda to ensure traffic safety in industrial zones in Bac Ninh province; support to abolish the water stall in Hoan Son cemetery area; installation of fire prevention propaganda signs in Tien Son Industrial Park; solve the problem of moving the sea and adjust the location of taxi stand in front of SDV V3 at the recommendation of SDV; Resolving Canon's recommendations on infrastructure, order and security around Que Vo IZ; Monitoring and settling canal encroachment in Dai Dong - Hoan Son Industrial Park under the direction of the Provincial People's Committee. Collaborate to ensure the security situation when a strike occurs in the industrial zone enterprises. Coordinate operating security and order to ensure fire fighting at 04 companies.

Security situation in industrial zones in 2018: 08 strikes (Vsip, Tien Son, Que Vo, Dai Dong - Hoan Son industrial zones); 4 cases of explosion (Que Vo, Que Vo II, Dai Dong - Hoan Son industrial zones); one case was stolen (Que Vo Industrial Park).


1. Regarding organization, personnel and finance

Strictly implementing the regulations on organization and personnel work (01 / c is assigned and appointed as Deputy Head of the Committee; re-appoint 02 / c deputy heads of department; formulate and implement the transformation plan. job position under Decree 158; special recruitment of 02 officials; 26 turns of mobilizing, seconding officials, ...). Draft the project of implementing the Government's Decree No. 82/2018 / ND-CP dated May 22, 2018, on management of industrial parks and economic zones, to report to the Department of Home Affairs and submit it to the provincial People's Committee. Coordinate with Department of Home Affairs to carry out the procedures for dissolution of the Employment Service Center under the Board. At the same time, carrying out the procedures to request the transfer of staff from the Employment Service Center to the Center for Investment and Development of Industrial Zones, the transfer of officials from the Service Center of the Department to the Center. service center of Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of the province.

Strictly complying with the regulations on revenue, expenditure and finance work. Deploy and complete the project of renovating and repairing the headquarters and ancillary items. Ensuring the full implementation of salary, bonus, social insurance, health insurance and other regimes as prescribed by law for officials and employees and employees. In 2018, there were 02 members of the Board of Directors and 15 cadres and civil servants with regular salary increase; 04 đ / c is raised salary level ahead of time. Complying with regulations on payment of wages and other regimes for laborers to transfer their work to other units. Develop and implement a 2018 training and retraining plan for cadres, civil servants and public employees including: fostering defense and security knowledge for department-level leaders; 06 participants and passing the exam for upgrading key experts in 2018; attend classes: state management program CV, CVC; CCLLCT in-service system; IT law training; professional training on clerical and archival work; training leaders at the office level, office culture, ...

2. Administrative reform work

* Maintain a good quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 standard at the agency and operation of the department that receives and returns the results of the Board at the Provincial Public Administration Center; Continuing to operate the provincial document management and administration software, operating the Board's electronic information page on the provincial portal and website of affiliated agencies and units. Publicly posting administrative procedures according to regulations; 02 administrative procedures in the field of labor in Vietnam have been reduced to 25-50% of the processing time compared to the regulations; Registering 4 administrative procedures shall be performed in 4 places (receiving, appraising, settling and returning results) at the provincial Public Administration Center. Implementing and completing the GIS Project on industrial zone data management (period 2017-2018).

* In 2018, the Management Board of Industrial Zones received 6,169 dossiers to handle administrative procedures in the fields (Labor in Vietnam; Investment in Vietnam; Capital construction). In particular, the number of files paid early and on time was 6,135 records; No deferred payment records. The remaining are pending records.

3. Economic corporations:

Registration of emulation and implementation of emulation and commendation in 2018 in the Department of Departments, Departments and Agencies in advisory and state management of economy, technology and in the Emulation Division of Industrial Zones Management Board , EPZs, EZs of Red River Delta provinces.

01 đ / c Leadership Committee was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister on the occasion of the 30-year Summarizing Conference on FDI attraction in Vietnam of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. On the occasion of summarizing 20 years of attracting investment and receiving the First-Class Labor Medal of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Management Board: the Board of Directors was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Planning and Investment; 02 rooms and 09 individuals were awarded certificates of merit by the Ministry of Planning and Investment; 02 rooms and 07 individuals were awarded certificates of merit by the provincial People's Committee. Coordinating in the implementation of procedures for requesting rewards of all levels for MEs in the above summation meetings.

Regarding the 2018 annual bonus and reward: 03 teams have been recognized by the provincial Economic Cooperation Council as excellent labor collective; 02 units and 03 individuals were awarded certificates of merit by the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee; 02 units and 03 individuals submitted for the Certificate of Merit from MPI.

4. Service activities:

4.1. Implementing service development projects in industrial zones as a standing body of the Steering Committee for the development of service activities in industrial parks under the direction of the provincial People's Committee. Maintain the effective operation of the Center for Investment and Development of Industrial Zones and the Employment Service Center.

4.2. Employment Service Center:

In the first 9 months of 2018, the Employment Service Center conducted: Finalizing the proposal model of the Center's operation model; Assist the Standing Committee of the Service Steering Committees in IZs in deploying the related contents to implement 6 projects; Join the Social Security Needs Survey Team at 65 Enterprises in Industrial Zones to develop Project 1912. Sign Memorandum of Understanding on supporting employment and vocational training with Bac Ha College, Hung Yen Economic and Technical College. Collaborate with colleges and vocational secondary schools to send students on tour and training in enterprises in industrial zones; Support 342 enterprises in recruitment; Posting 1,011 recruitment information of businesses on the website and; Consulting, introducing jobs for 10,900 turns of workers; Introduce, provide candidate profiles to businesses with recruitment needs (meeting over 35% of demand); Approaching 470 enterprises to recruit, advise, recruit employers and train workers in labor safety and hygiene; Sign and perform labor safety and hygiene training contract. Operating the website (From October 1, 2018, the Employment Service Center dissolves under the Decision of the Provincial People's Committee).

4.3. Center for Supporting Investment and Development of Industrial Zones:

- Strictly implement the work of officials, salaries and finance. During the year, there were 06 officials from the Employment Service Center and signed a labor contract with VND 5 / c, terminating the labor contract with another VND 3 / c transferring other jobs. The center currently has a total of 25 officers, 01 Council, and 20 contracted employees. The revenue in 2018 is estimated at VND 6.2 billion, ensuring the average income for employees of VND 4 million / person / month.

- Project management consultancy: Signing and executing consultancy contracts on verification of pre-feasibility study 12 works; TKBTCTC 02 works; supervision consultancy contract of 04 projects; Project Management Consulting Contract 01 project; Providing other consultancy services for 11 projects.

- Investment promotion consultancy: Preparing the draft report of settlement of the project and coordinating with SaigonTel on the settlement plan of Dai Dong - Hoan Son Industrial Park; Work, contact, quote on environmental monitoring, working environment with 15 enterprises Dai Dong Industrial Park - Hoan Son; Sign contracts and carry out monitoring with 04 enterprises; Every 2 months, publish newsletters sent to departments and businesses in the industrial park; Maintain and operate the website of the Center; Supervision consultancy for construction package of T1-T2 route, Que Vo Industrial Park Development Zone. Cooperating with Hanoi Service Center to cooperate in monitoring and assessing environmental impact.

- Service: Implementing the document of land acquisition, site clearance for Que Vo III IP project area of ​​about 4ha, an urban area project serving Thuan Thanh III Trung Quy IP with an area of ​​about 20ha, and the project Thuan Thanh III Trung Trung Industrial Park with an area of ​​about 70ha according to the plan divided into two phases; Signing and training occupational safety and sanitation for 32 enterprises; Signed a contract of periodic health examination; Completed the implementation of Decision No. 209 / QD-SLĐTBXH, dated 27/7/2018, by the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs regarding the inspection of training in occupational safety and sanitation for Trung. center.

- Marketing: Organizing to connect enterprises in industrial zones in fields (medical examination and treatment services, banking and financial services; industrial kitchen services and high-tech transportation services) in industrial zones. Introducing the project investment location for 03 enterprises; Coordinate with Vietnam Exhibition Fair Joint Stock Company to organize a meeting with the Quan Dong - China Smart Electronic Manufacturing Business Union. Investment consulting new projects for 04 businesses. Coordinate with the Center for Small and Medium Enterprises in the North (Department of Business Development - MPI) to send an invitation to participate in the training course of "self-practice of 5s-kaizen" taught by Japanese experts. enterprises in Bac Ninh Industrial Zone; Contact to introduce the program "connecting businesses" with businesses; Summarize the list of businesses that have implemented the "connecting businesses" program posted on the Center's website.

5. Other jobs: Successfully organized the 20-year Review Conference to attract investment in industrial zones and received the First-Class Labor Medal from the Management Board of Industrial Zones. Contributing opinions on draft legal documents of ministries, central agencies and provinces. Performing well the work of internal political protection, ensuring security and order at agencies and units. Keeping the working environment green - clean - beautiful. Take good care of material and spiritual life for officials and employees of agencies and units. Thoroughly grasping all cadres and civil servants and agencies' employees strictly implementing the regulations on strengthening discipline and discipline in state administrative agencies at all levels in Bac Ninh; Maintain good internal affairs agencies.

6. Activities of mass organizations:

6.1. Mass organizations (Party, Trade Union, Youth Union) organize regular activities according to regulations, in association with the propaganda to commemorate the great holidays of the Party, the nation and the industry, and propaganda contents. Other memories of the year. The party committee of agencies is recognized by the superior committee as a grassroots party organization to fulfill its duties. Trade Unions, Youth Union excellently completed all tasks, contributed to the overall achievement of the agency and built the agency, the unit always united, agreed, achieved in a clean and strong manner.

6.2. Trade Union of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones: Performing the revenue, expenditure, financial management of trade unions to ensure the regulations of the State and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor. Perform well assigning staff to monitor, inspect and guide the grassroots trade union to do well in the work of collection, funding, trade union fee. Interested in developing union members, building strong union organization; improve the quality of operations of union officials. In 2018, there were newly established 65 trade unions, developing new 7,026 members; bringing the total to 498 grassroots grassroots directs with 105,690 union members. Perform well the duties of caring for life, protecting legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of union members and employees; Implementing the Plan of launching the patriotic emulation movement among workers, officials and employees in 2018; organizing activities in the "Worker Month" in 2018; Participate in charity social work; Coordinate with the Management Board of Industrial Zones to participate in resolving labor strikes. Actively building programs and plans, closely coordinating with all levels and branches to direct and guide the grassroots trade unions to promote propaganda, political and ideological education with various and effective forms. practical results, contributing to raising political awareness for officials and employees; Propagating and participating in Trade Union Congress at all levels for the term 2018 - 2023.

7. The implementation of the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's laws: For the Party's resolutions, directives and conclusions, the State's policies and laws, the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones are always thorough and popular attention to all cadres, civil servants and officials; ensure that all members of agencies and units are always imbued with the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's legal policies, and have sufficient theoretical qualifications to well fulfill all assigned tasks. All cadres, civil servants and public employees actively study and follow Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style according to the annual thematic.


1. Achievements

- Production and business activities of industrial zone enterprises maintained stably, ensuring the completion and exceeding of the targets (in terms of industrial production, GTXK, GTNK, remittance to the budget) compared to the plan in 2018. Only targets for job creation for workers in industrial zones were not achieved due to objective reasons.

- The administrative reform, especially administrative procedure reform (administrative procedures) is promoted. The operation of the administrative division receiving division of the Committee at the Provincial Public Administration Center is highly appreciated. Strengthen the application of information technology in state management activities and in the process of resolving administrative procedures of agencies and units. Promptly resolve administrative procedures for investors, businesses, not for late payment or overdue records. To step by step renovate and build a modern, friendly, enthusiastic and professional working office culture environment.

- There is a close coordination between the Management Board of industrial parks and related units in: performing the state management of industrial parks; supporting the settlement of petitions and proposals of enterprises in IZs; grasping and ensuring security and order in the IZ.

- Implementing well the organization, staff, salary, finance; emulation - commendation and administrative - administration work. Strengthening the state management after investment. Other work is carried out in a timely manner, according to current law provisions. Service activities of attached non-business units are regularly performed.

2. Advantages

- With the attention of the ministries and central branches; the leadership and close guidance of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee of Bac Ninh Province, the coordination of the concerned departments and branches in the province. The flexible leadership and administration of the collective Leadership agencies and units.

- The quality management system TCVN ISO 9001: 2008 is maintained, combined with the application of information technology software to effectively serve the management, administration and settlement of administrative procedures at the agency.

- The sources of public investment capital shall be disbursed and provided in a timely manner, creating favorable conditions for the implementation of projects and schemes using budget capital of agencies and units.

- The team of officials, public servants, officials and employees of agencies united, united, with high professional qualifications, quick adaptability, actively learning to improve professional and foreign skills politic, political theory, informatics, ... Strictly abide by the Party and State's regulations.

3. Some difficulties, limitations and causes

- The sanctions on reporting regime of industrial zone enterprises are not strong enough, making it difficult to improve the effectiveness of state management of enterprises in industrial zones. The basic online reporting software has been implemented effectively but has not met the requirements because some inadequacies in the use process need to be amended and upgraded.

- The employment of the enterprise depends heavily on the market and the technology of the enterprise, while for this indicator, it is difficult for the enterprise to forecast. Therefore, the target of recruiting workers in Bac Ninh Industrial Zones has not reached the set plan. The work of grasping labor recruitment needs of enterprises still faces difficulties due to enterprises not yet formulating or inaccurate elaborating long-term plans, failing to fully report as prescribed. Some enterprises have not implemented (or submitted slowly) the employment situation report, the labor contract report of the foreign worker after being issued with the work permit.

- The software being applied in solving administrative procedures for enterprises has not been integrated, so it is difficult in the operational process.

- Due to frequent changes of the construction law, timely grasping of construction investment procedures and order for enterprises faces many difficulties; In addition, businesses are not aware of compliance with regulations on construction investment, labor safety, fire safety and environment.

- Regarding service activities: Some employees have not been proactive in performing their tasks, resulting in not reaching the set work progress; Investment promotion channels have not been diversified and quality is not high. Consultancy on practical investment skills is still weak; Service activities are carried out by many suppliers so the market share is fragmented; The attitude of cooperation is not positive of some partners in the coordination, the implementation costs have not been paid in full.


The second part




1. General directions and goals: To implement the Resolution of the XIXth Provincial Party Congress; On the basis of analyzing the international and domestic context, analyzing and evaluating the current situation of development of industrial parks; identify development plans and adjust the scope and structure of industries; Taking into account the conditions of localities in the Northern key economic region, Hanoi capital region and FDI capital into Vietnam, Bac Ninh continues to build and develop a number of support industrial parks. To build and develop industrial parks in association with urban areas towards modernization and synchronization, which is a reliable and attractive destination for investors. Continue to promote administrative procedure reform, openness and transparency, creating the most favorable conditions for investors. Focus on attracting investment in large-scale, high-tech and environmentally friendly projects.

2. Some basic goals

- Attract about 70-80 secondary projects to invest in industrial zones with total newly and adjusted investment capital increasing to about 900 million USD.

- Secondary enterprises in industrial zones: The value of industrial production is about VND 1,200,000 billion; Export value reaches about 33 billion USD; The import value is about 25 billion USD; Budget revenue through taxes reached about VND 12,000 billion.

- Industrial parks create new jobs for about 5,000-10,000 workers.


1. Organize the implementation of the Scheme on organizational structure consolidation after being approved by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (in accordance with Decree 82/2018 / ND-CP regulating the management of industrial parks and economic zones International). Well performing the work of officials, finance, salaries, emulation, commendation, ... Focusing on the training and retraining to improve qualifications in all aspects for officials and public employees agency.

2. Promote administrative reform, especially administrative procedure reform, ensure that administrative procedure reforms are people and businesses centered. Maintain the effective operation of the "one-stop-shop" section at the provincial Public Administration Center. Strengthen the application of information technology in performing tasks and closely coordinating with functional agencies in performing the state management of industrial parks. Revise and submit to the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee for re-issuance of the Ministry of Information and Communications under its jurisdiction Upgrade Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards. Strive for 100% of the administrative procedures to carry out online public administrative services at levels 3 and 4 to meet the actual needs of businesses and people. Continue to effectively implement the contents of the evaluation criteria set for administrative reform. Organize the self-grading of PAR index in accordance with regulations, implement solutions to improve the organization's PAR ranking in 2019.

3. Strengthening the campaign of investment promotion in IZs. Create a synchronous, close coordination among branches and localities, take the initiative in implementing investment promotion. Continue to renovate content, diversify forms of investment promotion. Identify key areas for investment promotion.

4. Complete the adjustment project of development planning of industrial zones in Bac Ninh province in the period of 2020 - 2025, with orientation to 2035; Urge infrastructure investors to adjust the planning of industrial zones (Thuan Thanh 3, Nam Son - Hap Linh, Que Vo 3 industrial park ...); Soon complete the planning of industrial parks in accordance with the provincial planning project and the general planning project of Bac Ninh urban area till 2035 and vision to 2050. Accelerate the establishment of industrial park (Yen Phong 2 ...) ;; Continue to guide and urge investors and secondary enterprises to perform capital construction investment strictly according to the provisions of law; Urge the investors to deploy the construction of industrial zone technical infrastructure items according to the approved detailed planning, basic design, and financial protection; Urge and monitor the investors in implementing land clearance compensation; Strengthen inspection of construction quality management according to decentralization; Coordinating in checking the quality of construction works in industrial zones.

5. Completing the report on remedial results to the State Audit and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee according to the content of the Audit Conclusion; Strengthen environmental protection; Supervise enterprises at high risk of causing environmental pollution and enterprises in Industrial Zones on the implementation of environmental protection, connecting and signing sewage treatment service contracts with Infrastructure Company. Strive to have 100% of the industrial parks in operation with centralized wastewater treatment system meeting environmental standards.

6. To well grasp the situation and support the settlement of difficulties and problems of enterprises in industrial zones in the course of production and business activities in order to complete and exceed the targets in 2018. review projects after investment license and resolutely terminate project activities, revoke investment certificates in necessary cases.

7. Develop and organize the implementation of inspection plans for IZ enterprises, avoiding duplication and ensuring efficiency. Join inspection and examination delegations of central ministries and provinces.

8. Well performing the state management in the fields. Enhancing information exchange, grasp the operational situation of enterprises, improve the effectiveness of the state management of security and social safety. Actively coordinating closely in ensuring order and security, fire protection in industrial zones. Participate in building an industrial zone model with safety and order and typical industrial zone model to ensure fire safety in the province.

9. Promote the development of service activities development projects in the IZs. Continuing to effectively carry out the service activities of the non-business units attached to the Board. Maintain effective operation of online services trading floor, support employment for industrial zones.


In order to promote the achievements and achievements, and overcome the limitations and obstacles in 2018; strive to successfully complete political missions in 2019; The Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones recommends the Provincial People's Committee:

1. Considering and commenting to the central ministries and agencies on a number of problems related to the implementation of the Government's Decree No. 82/2018 / ND-CP of May 22, 2018, on management of industrial parks and economic zones.

2. Directing professional agencies to research and integrate 3 application software in solving administrative procedures for enterprises currently used by the Management Board into a common software in order to create favorable conditions for enterprises. operational process of cadres at the provincial Public Administration Center./.
Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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