Overview of Bac Ninh Province
15:11 26/09/2019
Bac Ninh Province has an area of 823 km2, the population of over one million people, is a province in the Northern entrance to Hanoi Capital, center of ancient Kinh Bac province, land of extraordinary people, located at dynamic economic region – the triangle of growth Ha Noi Capital - Hai Phong City - Quang Ninh Province.

Bac Ninh has the convenient transportation system, such as: The National highway 1 linking among Ha Noi Capital – Bac Ninh Province – Lang Son Province, National Highway 18 linking Noi Bai  International Airport – Bac Ninh Province – Ha Long City (Quang Ninh Province), National Highway 38 connects Bac Ninh Province – Hai Duong Province – Hai Phong City; The trans Viet Nam railway leads to China and Lang Son Province, Railway of Ha Noi Capital – Bac Ninh Province – Cai Lan Seport (Quang Ninh Province); Waterway network of Cau river, Duong river and Thai Binh river flow to the East Sea. These are favorable conditions for the development of industrialization and modernization.

Socio-economic development strategy of Bac Ninh in period of 2016-2021 is: “Promoting industrialization – modernization, exploiting resources and encourage all domestic and oversea economic sectors. In this strategy, Bac Ninh choose a breakthrough in economic growth which is investment to industrial parks, industrial clusters and industrial park of handicraft villages.”

To show you more details on Bac Ninh, on policies and investment opportunities in the industrial park, the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Parks proudly presents basic information about the industrial park so that the investors can have reference, selection of investment opportunities, building a good future for your business and also for Bac Ninh provinces.

Wish you all happiness and success!

Riliable web address: www.izabacninh.gov.vn

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