'Thời gian vàng' để thu hút vốn đầu tư từ EU
10:49 28/10/2022
Thu hút vốn đầu tư nước ngoài (FDI) từ Liên minh châu Âu (EU) 10 năm qua vẫn còn hạn chế và chưa xứng tầm. Dòng vốn có thể tăng mạnh khi Việt Nam giảm bớt những cản trở về hành chính, cải thiện cơ sở hạ tầng, phát triển nguồn nhân lực.
Enhancing Bac Ninh’s position in the electronics industry value chain
14:14 25/10/2022
The development viewpoint to become the leading complete electronic production center in Vietnam, with many synchronous and flexible solutions, Bac Ninh focuses on the high-value segments such as smart phones, electronic devices, electronic components integrating the value chain. With the presence of 3 factories of Samsung Group (SEV, SDV, SDIV), the total investment of nearly USD 10 billion was invested in Yen Phong Industrial Park, from 2018 Bac Ninh has risen to the position No. 1 in the industrial production scale in the whole country, and at the same time become the largest electronic industrial production center in the Southeast Asia.
Affirming the position of growth pole in the Red River Delta region
09:35 29/08/2022
After nearly 17 years of implementing the Resolution 54-NQ/TW and 11 years of implementing the Conclusion 13-KL/TW of the Politburo, the whole region in general and the localities in particular have obtained many important achievements in the socio-economic fields, the political system, national defense and security have been consolidated and the international relations have been widened; the role as one of the two economic motivations of the whole country is promoted. Located in the economic region of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh, associated with the Northern key economic region, Bac Ninh province develops well the potentials, strengths and flexibly applies the policies of the central and local governments, gradually rises to become an important growth pole of the Red River Delta region.
Overcoming challenges, Bac Ninh's economy shines
17:36 22/07/2022
In the first 6 months of 2022, Bac Ninh's economy continues to grow at a high rate. Gross domestic product in the province increased by 14.7%, ranking the second in the country and the first in the Red River Delta. Industrial production index increased by 19.8%, retail sales of consumer goods and services increased by 36.4%, import and export turnover increased by 15% (accounting for 13.3% of total export turnover of Vietnam), state budget revenue reached 54.1% of the estimate... Flexible implementation of solutions suitable to local realities, Bac Ninh's economy overcame challenges and continued to shine.
Quickly recovering, Bac Ninh's economy grew spectacularly
10:29 29/06/2022
In 2022, the world situation is volatile due to political conflicts between countries, which have had a significant impact on rising input prices, shifting investment capital flows, local shortages of labor and "post-COVID". “… affects the production and business activities of the whole country, in which Bac Ninh is a province with a deeply integrated international economy that also suffers from many impacts. Overcoming everything, with many flexible and effective management solutions, in the first 6 months of the year, Bac Ninh's economy quickly recovered and grew spectacularly with an increase of 14.7%, becoming one of the top 5 cities and provinces in the country.
Dialogue and solving difficulties to develop together with enterprises
15:02 25/04/2022
Thanks to listening and accompanying through dialogue, the solution of difficulties for enterprises has achieved many positive results. Especially in the work of land clearance; dealing with enterprises' requests related to administrative procedures in the land sector; solving difficulties in capital, extending and reducing interest rates for enterprises affected by the COVID-19 epidemic...
Samsung 14 years accompanying the development of Bac Ninh
14:27 25/04/2022
From a purely agricultural province, Bac Ninh has risen strongly when receiving many billion-dollar projects, become a model in attracting foreign investment. The biggest turning point was the appearance of Samsung in 2008. After 14 years, of the total nearly 19 billion USD of investment capital of Samsung in Vietnam, the investment capital in Bac Ninh accounted for nearly half, reached more than 9.3 billion USD, positively contributed to the economic growth of the province.
Rapid economic recovery thanks to many synchronous solutions
14:13 25/04/2022
Entering 2022, many synchronous solutions have been implemented to ensure the source of supply, stabilize price of petrol and oil, food, foodstuff, maintain stable interest rate, exchange rates, etc. Along with the quick speed of vaccination, the epidemic has been basically controlled, create the foundation for the production and business activities to recover strongly in right the first quarter. Gross regional domestic product (GRDP) increased by 7.63%, it is expected that the growth momentum continues to promote in the second quarter and the whole year 2022.
Bac Ninh's economy ranks 8th in the country after 25 years of re-establishment
16:29 16/03/2022
After 25 years of re-establishment, Bac Ninh province has the 8th largest economic scale out of 63 provinces and cities. The economic scale increased rapidly, the economic structure shifted towards industrialization and modernization, making Bac Ninh the growth pole of the Capital region and the Northern key economic region.
Bac Ninh becomes the center of electronics industry after 25 years of re-establishment
16:25 16/03/2022
With a clear orientation and appropriate policies, taking advantage of the geographical position in the Northern key economic region, after 25 years (1997 - 2021), Bac Ninh has basically become an industrial province with the electronics industry, the high-tech industry becoming the leading industry.
10 outstanding socio-economic events, achievements of Bac Ninh province in 2021
15:30 10/03/2022
In 2021, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that had negative impacts in many fields, profound and wide effects on the socio-economic development, Bac Ninh province made efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges, comprehensively completed the goals and tasks in all fields, became a bright spot of the whole country in terms of epidemic prevention and control and economic development, ensured the social security, maintained the social order and safety. That result was achieved due to the solidarity and unity in the entire Party Committee; emulative spirit to successfully implement the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, the 20th Provincial Party Congress, practically celebrated 190 years of province establishment, 25 years of province re-establishment; focused and close direction of the Party committees at all levels, drastic management of the authorities at all levels, effective participation of the organizations and unions, active participation of the business community and people in the province. The following are 10 outstanding socio-economic events, achievements of Bac Ninh province in 2021:
10:52 27/12/2021
I. DIRECTION OF ADMINISTRATION REFORM 1. Administrative reform plan - The Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority (Bac Ninh IZA) has issued the administrative reform plan for 2021 in accordance with the guiding document of the Provincial People's Committee; - The criteria of the plan have been closely directed by the Bac Ninh IZA and achieved 100% of the plan.
09:47 27/12/2021
Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority presented at the Conference on Deployment of Work Tasks of bac Ninh Province in 2022
Bac Ninh’s economy continued to grow strongly
14:34 22/12/2021
In 2021, Bac Ninh focused on effectively implementing the “dual goals” of preventing the pandemic and promoting socio-economic development. With the innovative, unprecedented solutions, Bac Ninh province’s socio-economic growth ranked 13th in the whole country in the context of complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, it affirmed the innovation in the leadership and management of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People’s Council and People’s Committee.
To raise the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of development of Bac Ninh materials
14:01 14/12/2021
The NTP, by October 18, 2021, attracted 1,713 investment projects (secondary and infrastructure) with total capital registered for new level investment and adjusted to $22.686,677 million.
Bac Ninh Province continues to be an attractive destination of investment
13:40 08/12/2021
For the first 9 months of 2021,Bac NinhManagement Board of Industrial Zones granted 101 new secondary investment projects with a total registered investment of $750,364 million; grant 299 adjustmentsof registration certificates (including 67 capital growth projects) with total capital investment increased by $215,994 million. New and adjusted capital investment from December 19th, 2020 to October 18th, 2021 reaches $966,358 million.
Summary of information for the 9 months of 2021
16:52 21/10/2021
Attracting investment and production and business activities in Bac Ninh industrial zones In the face of complicated developments and the heavy impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, in the 9 months of 2021, Bac Ninh industrial zones still attracted investment and stable production and business activities with positive data.
Safety measures against Covid-19 epidemic at production establishments and factories in Bac Ninh province
09:26 12/08/2021
In order to enhance economic efficiency, ensure the prevention and combat of COVID-19 epidemic and the conduct of production and business activities, ensure the working environment is safe for workers, The Industrial Zone Management Board (KCN) of Bac Ninh province conducts continuous inspections at the CTY in the CN zone, while also guiding the safety and prevention of plague at the production and plant sites in the region the results are very active.
Many socio-economic development indicators in the first 6 months of the year increased over the same period
10:07 01/07/2021
On the morning of June 17, under the chairmanship of Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Huong Giang, the regular meeting of the Provincial People's Committee in June 2021 focused on discussing and giving opinions on the Report on the socio-economic situation and the work of the provincial People's Committee. implementation of the Provincial People's Committee in the first 6 months of the year; tasks and solutions for the last 6 months of 2021.
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