Building a scientific and modern administrative system
08:33 31/12/2022
Bac Ninh currently has 166 state administrative agencies and units applying the Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 9001:2015, reaching the rate of 100%. The standardization of operating procedures according to ISO at these agencies is making a significant contribution in the process of building a scientific administration and building a constructive government to serve the people.

Through the recent evaluation by the provincial Department of Science and Technology, at 166 agencies, including: Office of the Provincial Party Committee; Office of the Provincial People's Committee; 19 provincial departments, branches, 8 People's Committees of districts and cities and specialized agencies attached; 9 Sub-Departments and units under the Departments and branches; 126 People's Committees of communes, wards and townships; 3 vertical agencies (Provincial Tax Department, Provincial Treasury, Market Management Department), the results of maintaining and applying the Quality Management System according to the National Standard TCVN ISO 9001:2015 are quite good. In which, the units rated for excellence increased by 11% compared to 2021, reaching 52/166 (accounting for 31.3%); 51 units rated for good level (accounting for 30.7%), 58 units rated for under-good level (accounting for 35%).

State agencies basically strictly observe the maintenance and application of ISO processes according to the framework model of establishing or consolidating the grassroots ISO Steering Committee, and assigning tasks in the leadership and members of the Committee. Building, issuing and controlling system and operational processes, developing policies and quality objectives, organizing internal assessment, coordinating and supervising the periodic implementation. Administrative procedures are publicly, transparently and fully posted at the head office, resolved according to the available processes, so it saves time and is convenient for people and businesses. Also thanks to the ISO tool, the units can timely track the process of solving work, better control documents, thereby contributing to promoting the efficiency of management activities, serving well the task of administratition reform. The application of ISO also creates positive changes in the perdonnel work, raising the awareness and responsibility of the staff, civil servants, etc. in the performance of tasks; Attitudes towards people are increasingly improved.

As a unit that has close contact with people and businesses, the Provincial Tax Department is well aware of the benefits that ISO brings. Provincial Tax Department issued a set of documents according to ISO standards, including: 1 framework model and 4 guiding documents, 7 internal work processes, 20 administrative procedures to handle most related work. professional services such as: handling administrative procedures, announcing the issuance of invoices, registering tax codes, handling tax declaration dossiers; tax exemption, reduction and refund; debt management and tax debt enforcement, tax inspection, inspection, citizen reception... Many administrative procedures are simplified and shortened, many online public services reach level 3.4. As a result of the evaluation of the Provincial ISO Implementation Steering Committee chaired by the Department of Science and Technology in October, the provincial Tax Department was ranked as excellent in maintaining, applying and improving the quality management system according to the ISO standards.

However, there are still some administrative units of medium and weak quality. In these agencies and at some commune and ward levels, the maintenance of the quality management system according to ISO standards is not regular; The organization of internal assessment and process review is still formal and not guaranteed to be of good quality, the leadership's implementation direction is incomplete and not serious...

 In order to closely monitor and improve the application and maintenance of ISO in state agencies, and improve the efficiency of administrative reform, the Department of Science and Technology will regularly urge, periodically inspect and evaluate these agencies; propaganda to raise awareness and sense of responsibility of leaders, officials and civil servants in complying with ISO processes; promptly disseminate relevant documents, foster and train skills for cadres, civil servants and public employees. Instructing units to proactively develop and implement annual implementation plans, regularly self-check maintenance and application to promptly overcome difficulties and limitations; promptly update, amend and supplement the set of procedures currently applied to ensure quality, in line with the set of administrative procedures to handle the work of each agency according to its functions and tasks. Associate the maintenance and application of ISO with the application of information technology to accelerate the digital transformation process in state administrative agencies.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong
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