Industrial production early reaches the goal
14:19 25/10/2022
Despite being influenced by the world situation with more intense strategic competition among major countries. In the domestic market, inflation pressure is high, the price of petrol and raw materials fluctuates sharply, greatly affecting many industries and fields... but Bac Ninh's industrial production in 2022 reached the finish line early, exceeded the set plan and continued to affirm to be the driving force of economic growth.

The Covid-19 epidemic continued to be controlled; enterprises in the province quickly adapted to the new situation; supportive policies on taxes, interest rates, credit, .. were implemented synchronously,…; promoting great efficiency in removing difficulties and obstacles of enterprises, creating maximum conditions for enterprises to restore and develop production and business. Digital transformation and technology application in administrative procedure reform to meet the requirements of people and businesses in the new context. Free trade agreements have been effectively exploited; Import and export markets have been expanded and diversified. Industrial development has been promoted. Those make contributions to the recovery and high growth of the industry. Along with the solutions of the central and local governments to promote production, enterprises have actively implemented many adaptation solutions, improved their management capacity to respond to market fluctuations, promoted digital transformation and labor restructuring towards sustainability, actively seized opportunities, kept pace with the world recovery and new market trends, increased the connection speed based on digitization to maintain the supply chain.

With synchronous solutions to support the restoration of production and business, industrial production in 2022 of Bac Ninh has a good growth, reaching more than 8%. Key industrial products have a key position and have a strong influence on the development of other industries, diversifying and meeting the needs of the market, such as: telephones, smart phones, computers and electronic components... In FDI enterprises, electronics, computers and optical products with a large proportion continued to increase thanks to products such as phones, watches, tablets… Therefore, production continues to be expanded. The manufacturing and processing industry continues to affirm its motivational role in the industry and economic growth of the province, with the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) estimated to increase by 9.5% over the same period. This is also the second highest increase in the last 5 years (lower than the IIP growth rate of 15.18% in 2018). In which, the main industry of producing electronic products, computers and optical products increased by more than 10%. However, in some manufacturing industries due to scarcity of raw materials, high added value has restrained the increase in production output.

Particularly in concentrated industrial zones, there are about 30 projects officially put into operation, bringing the total number of projects under production to nearly 1,180. Production and business activities of industrial park enterprises have a high growth compared to the same period in 2021, reaching and exceeding the target and plan in 2022. It is expected that the industrial production value in industrial zones will reach about 1.417 million billion dong, exceeding 8.87% of the plan; export value will reach more than 41.8 billion USD, nearly 13% higher than the plan; import value will reach more than 34.08 billion USD, exceeding 33.67% of the plan; pay the state budget 13,974 billion dong, up 11.8% compared to the plan...

Investment promotion and attraction activities have been also actively renewed, so its efficiency are improved. The province organizes a dialogue conference with FDI enterprises, domestic enterprises and cooperatives, workers and employees; commending typical organizations and individuals who well implemented tax policies and laws. Maintaining effective operation of Quick response team to support businesses, promptly removing difficulties and problems for businesses. In the first 10 months of this year, total domestic investment attraction capital reached 13,209.1 billion dong (only newly registered investment capital increased by 11.9% over the same period). Foreign investment attraction reached $1.85 billion, of which the additional adjusted capital was $1,636 billion. This further proves that FDI projects operating in Bac Ninh industrial zones promote their efficiency and continue to increase investment capital and expand production scale.…

Overcoming many difficulties, the industry reached the finish line early and exceeded the set target. The whole industry has created added value (2010 constant price) estimated at 104,430 billion dong, up 8.18% over the same period in 2021, contributing 5.94 percentage points to the overall growth of the province. Industry continues to be an important factor which promotes the provice’s economic growth in 2022./.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong Office of Bac Ninh IZA
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