Dialogue and solving difficulties to develop together with enterprises
15:02 25/04/2022
Thanks to listening and accompanying through dialogue, the solution of difficulties for enterprises has achieved many positive results. Especially in the work of land clearance; dealing with enterprises' requests related to administrative procedures in the land sector; solving difficulties in capital, extending and reducing interest rates for enterprises affected by the COVID-19 epidemic...

Consistent with the concept of "Government accompanies enterprises ", over the past time, Bac Ninh province has implemented many solutions to improve the business investment environment and enhance provincial competitiveness. In which, special attention is to organize many meetings and dialogues to continue to find specific support solutions to help enterprises overcome difficulties and problems; talk and dialogue with the enterprise community about the strategies and policies of the province that have been implemented so that the enterprises  contribute, propose mechanisms, policies and solutions to create a favorable business and investment environment, to create conditions for enterprises to develop, to contribute to the socio-economic development of the province.

Facing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to flexibly realize the dual goals, the provincial leaders, leaders of departments and agencies in the province organized hundreds of meetings and dialogues to keep up with the needs of the people, solve and remove difficulties and obstacles in production and business activities for enterprises. Especially difficulties and obstacles in fields such as: land clearance, land, credit, problems related to environment, labor, etc. During the fourth COVID-19 pandemic outbreaks broke out in the province in the second half of 2021, all the provincial leaders and the quick response team to support enterprises and more than 40 working groups came to the business, directly dialogue, solve, and offer "unprecedented" decisions to remove difficulties and obstacles, helping enterprises achieve the "dual goals" of both fighting the epidemic and stabilizing production.

Thanks to the good implementation of dialogue and solving difficulties, many FDI enterprises in the province operate stably and expand their production and business scale.

Photo: Production of mobile phone at Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd (Yen Phong Industrial Zone).


Implementing the policy of supporting enterprises to stabilize and develop, encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship in the locality, the Provincial People's Committee has implemented many synchronous and appropriate mechanisms and policies. In which, administrative procedure reform is regularly implemented. Promote connection and data sharing between information systems and databases in order to serve people and enterprises. The review, amendment and supplementation of administrative procedures are implemented synchronously and uniformly at all levels and branches; administrative policies and procedures are posted on the provincial web portal, website and posted at the headquarters of agencies and units for people and enterprises to research and implement.

Public Administration Centers of the province and districts and cities will innovate to operate in the direction of "5 on the spot", increase the proportion of online public services level 4,  create favorable conditions for organizations and individuals to carry out procedures public administrative procedures, transparent and in accordance with regulations, demonstrating the determination of the province in making a breakthrough in administrative procedure reform, creating a favorable environment to attract investment. The inspection and examination work is focused on building and adjusting on the basis of synchronous review from departments, branches and localities, ensuring that the inspection and examination of enterprises is not more than once a year on average, except for cases where there are signs of law violation; limit the criminalization of violations of enterprises.

Tien Son Dairy Factory (Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company) in Tien Son Industrial Park was invited by provincial leaders to directly dialogue and remove difficulties to develop.


Mr. Nguyen Nhan Phuong, Chairman of the Provincial Association of Small and Medium Enterprises affirmed that the business community highly appreciates the attention of the provincial leaders in recent years. However, in order to these support policies to be more effective and clear, the business community wants the local government to continue accompanying enterprises in the current difficult scene. The authorities create favorable conditions for enterprises to access land, capital, mechanisms and policies of tax and social insurance; support trade promotion, product consumption, brand promotion; customs procedures, business registration, etc. To improve the investment environment of the province in the coming time, the organization of dialogues should continue to be carried out regularly, innovated, deepened and more effective. The authorities need to understand the difficulties and problems of enterprises, study and apply the provisions of the law to come up with solutions to remove difficulties for enterprises. At the end of the dialogue, clearly notify the solution, the responsibility of the settling agency, the progress and time of the settlement; synthesize the outstanding recommendations and assign the relevant authorities to settle and regularly check and urge the progress of settlement of the contents announced at the meeting.

The dialogue with businesses shows their willingness to listen to suggestions, recommendations, share thoughts, aspirations and plans, coordinate with businesses so that the province can make timely decisions, promulgating supporting mechanisms and policies, innovative solutions and reforms in line with reality, meeting the aspirations of the majority of people and businesses, overcoming current challenges, and taking advantage of new opportunities, promote production and business, economic recovery, towards building a government to create development and serve.
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