To raise the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of development of Bac Ninh materials
14:01 14/12/2021
The NTP, by October 18, 2021, attracted 1,713 investment projects (secondary and infrastructure) with total capital registered for new level investment and adjusted to $22.686,677 million.

Attracting investment to increase both quality and quantity.

NNhà máy FDI trong KCN Quế Võ tỉnh Bắc Ninh

For the first 9 months of 2021, although Bac Ninh province was negatively hit by the Covid-19 epidemic, the management and investment state and business activities in industrial area (KCN) of Bac Ninh province continue to achieve many positive results.

Being quicklyadapted to practical situations, Bac Ninh Management Board of Industrial Zonehas implemented investment promotion activities with a wide range of innovative, diverse and rich content, which has therefore attracted large capital inflows, especially FDI.

Bac NinhManagement Board of IndustrialZonesallocated 101 new secondary investment projects with total registered investment capital of $750,364 million: newly allocated 72 FDI projects with total registered investment capital of $517,321 million; 29 DDI projects with a total registered investment of VND 5,360 billion, equivalent to $233,043 million. From December 19, 2020 to October 18, 2021, the total capital investment and readjust of the secondary projects in Industrial Zone reached $966,358 million (FDI: $646.69 million; DDI: VND 7,352.72 billion, equivalent to US $319,668 million).

We allocate 299 slots of adjusting the investment registration certificates, including 69 capital investment adjustments (67 capital increase projects; 02 capital reduction projects) with a total investment increase of $215,994 million

The management board granted 1,713 domestic and foreign investment projects (including the secondary investment project and the infrastructure investment project) in Industrial Zones with total capital registered for new level investment and adjustment of $22.686,677 million, of which:

Accumulation of secondary projects until now: the board of management grant 1,696 investment certificates (domestic: 531 projects, FDI 1,165) with totalcapital investment and adjustmentreaching $2344,447 million.

Industrial Zone infrastructure projects up to the present time: 17 infrastructure projects of Industrial Zoneswith a total investment capital registered is 1,342.23 million.

Actively improve the investment and business environment

Công nhân Công ty Cổ phần in và bao bì Goldsun làm việc trong KCN Quế Võ, tỉnh Bắc Ninh

For the first 9 months of 2021, the state management is carried out in a uniform and effective manner by the Bac Ninh Management Board of Industrial Zonein all areas of the work. Post-investment management is taken care of. Accordingly, the board has conducted numerous revisions and support to enterprises through inspection and examination. The management of labor is strengthened, the settlement of the dossiers and procedures for foreign laborers is ventilatingquickly and well.

The work on order and safety in theIndustrial Zone is guaranteed not to happen in any unfortunate cases in the Industrial Zone.In the first 9 months of 2021, the status of the production and business of Industrial Zoneenterprises continued to be stable. Particularly note the rise of many new enterprises in the Industrial Zone, 60 in production and business, bringing the total number of projects into service in IZs to date at 1,200. Industrial Zoneenterprises have made important contributions to the provincial socio-economic development process. Furthermore, the planning and construction management of the Industrial Zonewas closely followed. For the first 9 months of 2021, the Management Board of IZS shall evaluate the basic designs and report on investment feasibility research on construction of projects for 35 projects; Grant construction licenses to 70 project construction investment projects, adjust construction licenses to 06 projects.

Particular attention should be given to environmental management. So far, 100% Industrial Zones achieved to have a concentrated waste water treatment system to meet environmental standards. Now 9/10 Industrial Zoneis being put into operation with a concentrated wastewater treatment system as prescribed; One tenth of Industrial Zone(Hanaka) has completed construction and installation of treatment technology and operator of the wastewater treatment station but has not yet started testing. Overall, there has been a reduction in environmental severity, contributing to investors' and enterprises' confidence.

In addition, public administration reform, the improvement of the business environment, and the application of information technology to management are greatly enhanced. The rate of onlineadministrative filing for administrative procedures has been increasing, accounting for between 60 and 70%.

Enhance the coordination among the management Board, the provincial departments and the divisions attached to the agency. Service operations have a lot of effort in environments where there is intense competition with many suppliers. The other tasks shall be carried out in time and ensure that they abide by the provisions of the current law.

Within the Management board, emulations are given serious attention, and the board regularly organizes and directs the movement to the functional departments of units and units under the management as well as to the IZs. Along with this, the registering boards compete and implement intensive competitions and awards among the departments, departments and branches in the province. At the same time, staff are in charge of State and economic, technical and in race block Industrial Zone, Export Processing Zones (KCX) and Economic Zones (KKT) of Red River Delta provinces.

Create position and force for development investment

Các KCN tỉnh Bắc Ninh tiếp tục là điểm sáng trong thu hút đầu tư

To promote the results already achieved, according to the Management Board, by 2022 the board shall strive to perform the State management in all fields well; Continue building and developing some IZs; Build and develop IZs attached to urban areas in a modern, uniform direction; Further stepping up administrative, public and transparent procedures, create the most favorable conditions for the investor. Focus on attracting investment in large-scale, high-tech and environmentally friendly projects.

For specific objectives, the aim is to attract about 100 secondary projects invested in IZs with total capital investment registered for new levels and increase to around $1,100 million (FDI: 85 projects for a total capital of $1,000 million; DDI: 15 projects with a total capital investment of $100 million).

Secondary enterprises in IZs produced: industrial production reaches 1,200,000 billionVND; Exports about $36.5 billion totally; Importsabout $23.5 billion totally; Budget revenues of about 11,500 billion VND; About 100 projects in operation; Create new jobs for around 8,000-10,000 workers.

Complete the project on adjusting the PLANNING for development in Bac Ninh Province by 2020, the orientation for 2035; Speed up the progress of freeing up Industrial Zones; Enhance the inspection of the managerial work on the quality of construction works and the safety of labor projects in theIndustrial Zone according to the decentralization.

Enhance the environmental protection work, particularly those at high risk of causing environmental pollution and projects during the construction phase; Link and sign a wastewater treatment service contract with the infrastructure investment firm. Strive for 100% Industrial Zoneson operation, with a focused wastewater treatment system to meet environmental standards.

Review the projects after granting investment licenses and resolve to terminate the project operation, withdraw investment certificates in necessary cases. Develop and organize the implementation of inspection plans for Industrial Zone enterprises, avoid overlapping and ensure efficiency. Participate in inspection and inspection delegations of the central and provincial ministries.

Step up the implementation of projects for development of service activities in IZs. Continue implementing the activities of the service units under the departmenteffectively.

 To counter the wave of investment in Vietnam, the Bac Ninh Management Board of Industrial Zone said a number of contents should be made in the upcoming period: Ground preparation; Complete the construction of synchronous infrastructure in and out of IZS; Step up administrative reforms, Improve the environment for business investment and remove difficulties for the enterprise;Put priorities to investments such as workers' homes, kindergarten, shopping malls...

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong, Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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