Dynamic, right direction, effectiveness
15:07 26/04/2023
By the end of the first quarter of 2023, the whole province attracted 1,867 valid foreign direct investment (FDI) projects with a total capital of more than USD23.91 billion. That result has put Bac Ninh firmly in the Top 10 nationwide in attracting foreign investment. With the criterion of “2 less, 3 high, 5 ready”, in the period 2020-2022, the epidemic developed complicatedly, negatively affected all domestic and global economic activities, the FDI capital flows attracted by Bac Ninh still reached more than USD2 billion, far exceeding the set target.

In particular, in 2022, two projects: Project for investment in construction of infrastructure of VSIP Bac Ninh (Singapore) urban and service park adjusted to increase the investment capital by nearly USD 941 million; The project for Factory Manufacturing electronic equipment, network equipment and multimedia audio products (Goertek) adjusted to increase by nearly USD306 million in the investment capital. Up to now, the province has had 19 primary suppliers; 37 secondary suppliers that are the private enterprises producing the supporting industry products participating in the supply chain for the FDI enterprises.

The above-mentioned figures are the convincing evidence of Bac Ninh’s attractiveness to investors, especially foreign investors. During the development journey of the past 25 years, Bac Ninh has worked hard to build a favorable and open investment environment, synchronous and modern infrastructure. Bac Ninh’s investment environment, especially investment in industrial development, services, and urban real estate really has many advantages and great potential for exploration. Along with that, the connected transport infrastructure, complete industrial infrastructure, many preferential policies are attached. Accompanying the investors is the responsibility of the leaders of the province, departments, branches, districts and towns in the whole province, creating all conditions for investors and enterprises to have long-term attachment and development. Attracting investment, choosing a breakthrough in industry, services and urban areas, Bac Ninh was successful in the past journey, created a great resonance in the country and abroad. The dynamism, determination and direction of the province were highly appreciated by many strong economic partners and groups around the world.

In 2023, under the conditions of great influence of the world economic situation, in order to continue to reap the fruits in investment attraction, Bac Ninh province has strongly applied technology, continuously connected with the partners and investors by a series of investment promotion conferences and cooperation agreements. In which, focused on organizing the programs to meet and promote investment with the foreign partners, key markets such as Korea, Japan, Europe, America... With this dynamism, the image and investment environment together with the province’s potential, strength, sincerity and responsibility can still “reach” to the international investors and partners.

And in fact, Bac Ninh continues to receive the attention and cooperation for mutual development from the partners that are strong groups such as: Samsung (Korea); Canon, Sumitomo (Japan); VSIP (Singapore), Foxconn, Goertek (Taiwan, China)…, the localities in the highly developed countries from Japan, Korea, and the United States…. This shows the attraction, right direction and effectiveness that Bac Ninh is deploying and “reaping”.

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