Samsung 14 years accompanying the development of Bac Ninh
14:27 25/04/2022
From a purely agricultural province, Bac Ninh has risen strongly when receiving many billion-dollar projects, become a model in attracting foreign investment. The biggest turning point was the appearance of Samsung in 2008. After 14 years, of the total nearly 19 billion USD of investment capital of Samsung in Vietnam, the investment capital in Bac Ninh accounted for nearly half, reached more than 9.3 billion USD, positively contributed to the economic growth of the province.

Historic decision of Samsung

In 2008, Samsung Electronics Vietnam (SEV) factory was officially established in Bac Ninh. This is a historic decision that laid the foundations for the great investment process of Samsung in Vietnam. “Back to 14 years ago, when Samsung chose Bac Ninh to build its first factory, then we evaluated the favorable factors in terms of politics, economy, people, geographical position and Bac Ninh met all those requirements. The success of Samsung Vietnam today is always due to the attention and full support from the leadership of Bac Ninh province. We highly appreciate the willingness of the leadership of the province, branches and localities to help the investors solve difficulties in the process of investment, production and business, and especially the companion to together overcome the crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic”. Mr. Choi Joo Ho, General Director of Samsung Vietnam, said about Samsung’s historic decision to choose Bac Ninh to invest in the first phone factory in 2008.

The production value of Samsung’s factories accounts for a high density in the industrial structure of Bac Ninh.

In response to those supports, during the past 14 years, Samsung has also contributed to bringing about the spectacular change in Bac Ninh. If in 2005, Bac Ninh’s GRDP scale was 1,504 billion VND, in 2010, this figure increased to 16,685 billion VND, by 2021, the GRDP scale increased to more than 227,000 billion VND, ranked 8th in scale out of 63 provinces. While the area of ​​Bac Ninh is the smallest, the population is only about 1.4 million people. The average income of Bac Ninh people exceeded 6,700 USD, ranked 4th in the whole country. If considering in terms of industrial scale, GRDP scale, and per capita income, Bac Ninh is considered one of the fastest growing provinces of Vietnam’s economy. Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, the industrial production value reached nearly 1.5 million billion VND in 2021, rising to the first place in the whole country, surpassing Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, and Dong Nai. In which, the density of the electronics industry increased to 79.3%.

“Co-prosperity” and spreading the social Responsibility activities

The appearance of Samsung in the past 14 years also brought many satellite enterprises to invest, thereby creating a spreading effect and turning Bac Ninh into a bright spot to attract FDI and a stronghold for Vietnam’s electronics industry. Not stopping there, in order to increase the internal development resources of Bac Ninh province, Samsung actively implements the programs to develop the local enterprises operating in the province’s supporting industry. “From a long-term viewpoint, we hope that Bac Ninh province will develop an ecosystem of domestic suppliers to better meet the needs of the foreign investors for parts and accessories.”, Mr. Choi Joo Ho, General Director of Samsung Vietnam said.

Most recently, Samsung participated in the signing of a 3-party cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Bac Ninh province and Samsung to support the improvement consultancy for the local enterprises, help to improve competitiveness so that the potential enterprises have the opportunity to participate in the supply chain not only for Samsung but also for many other multinational companies.

Samsung’s representative gives gifts to the poor pupils overcoming difficulties in Yen Phong district.


After 14 years of setting up the factory in Yen Phong Industrial Park, Samsung Vietnam has not only created a strong driving force for the economic growth and inspired the foreign investors to come to Bac Ninh, but also demonstrated its responsibility to the locality through many practical activities towards the community.

Samsung Hope School located in Lac Ve commune (Tien Du) is the first school in Samsung Hope School project chain - one of many key social responsibility projects with the mission of spreading knowledge, sharing vision and building the future for the young generation of Vietnam. The project has brought about the opportunity to live and study in a healthy, dynamic environment, discover their own dreams, and develop comprehensively for more than 200 children in Bac Ninh. Samsung Hope School is built in the localities where Samsung’s employees were born and grow up as gratefulness to the employees, their families and native soil.

Recently, as part of a series of activities to celebrate its 14 years of establishment, Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd (SEV) has also awarded “Smart Library” worth 250 million VND to Long Chau Primary School (Yen Phong). This is a project for building and improving the libraries at the primary, secondary schools to become smart libraries with high interaction in order to create reading and learning on modern technology devices for the pupils, help them form a habit of reading books every day, thereby develop the reading culture in the young generation. Up to now, SEV has awarded 3 Smart Libraries in Bac Ninh.

Notably, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Samsung also continuously carried out many activities to join hands with Bac Ninh to repel the epidemic: supported 10 billion VND to the Vaccine fund of Bac Ninh province; donated 6,000 medical protective suits worth 1.5 billion VND to the Fatherland Front Committee of Bac Ninh province; The trade union and employees at Samsung factories in Bac Ninh also actively participated in supporting the COVID-19 prevention and control by swiping cards to collect money at CSR kiosks in the company.... along with many gratitude activities to the frontline forces fighting the epidemic in Bac Ninh province. Most recently, Samsung Vietnam has just handed over 500,000 syringes to Bac Ninh Department of Health to join hands in the Covid-19 vaccination work. In addition, Samsung also cooperated with the units and localities to implement many other projects in Bac Ninh such as: School milk program, awarded the Study encouragement scholarships to the poor pupil overcoming difficulties, awarded equipment to the schools in Bac Ninh province; Awarded wheelchairs to the disabled....and a lot of other activities.

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