Effectiveness from flexible adaptation in attracting investment
08:31 31/12/2022
Along with many activities of opening up and adapting in economic development, activities of investment attraction and promotion have been promoted by Bac Ninh in the direction of adapting to the new situation.

The year 2022 continues to mark an important milestone in the field of investment promotion when Bac Ninh in particular and the whole country in general are in the process of adapting to the new normal status. Many investors come to learn, approach and research investment opportunities in Bac Ninh. According to general data from the Department of Planning and Investment, from the beginning of the year until now, the whole province has granted investment registration for 49 domestic investment projects with a total registered investment capital of more than 16 trillion dong; 124 FDI projects with total registered investment capital of more than 318.8 million USD. The authorities granted capital adjustment to 118 FDI projects and 38 domestic projects with the adjusted capital increased by more than 1,669.9 million USD and 1,828 billion dong.

Investment promotion and calling has been strengthened, since the beginning of the year, the province has worked with many large corporations in the world such as: Samsung, Hanwha Techwin, DAEWOO E&C (Korea); Canon, Yoshida Kaiun, Itochu (Japan), Goertek (Taiwan)... Organizing direct investment promotion activities with organizations and localities from Japan and Korea; Holding dialogue conference with FDI enterprises in 2022 with the theme "Same aspirations, companionship and development" which attracted participation of more than 370 enterprises. Along with that, the Bac Ninh - Gumi Economic Forum took place in October, a very important event with the signing of an agreement to establish friendly relations between Bac Ninh city and Gumi city (South Korea) Regarding external activities, provincial leaders attended the investment promotion conference in the northern provinces in the Vietnam - Korea Cooperation Forum VIKO30; participated in many investment promotion activities with large corporations in Hanoi capital. From here, cooperation signing activities are also carried out, opening up many new opportunities in attracting investment.

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Investment Nguyen Quang Thanh, in the context of economic integration increasingly deep and competitive as today, Bac Ninh proactively grasps the trend to improve the business investment environment, in order to continue creating attractive environment, attracting many investors. According to the results of the evaluation of the indicators, in 2022, Bac Ninh will continue to be honored to be one of the 10 provinces and cities with the highest score of PCI Provincial Competitiveness Index, PAPI Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index ober the country. Through activities accompanying enterprises such as maintaining and improving the operational efficiency of the "3 best" working group to actively support investors in completing relevant procedures, it will create favorable conditions; turning Bac Ninh into a "good land" attracting domestic and foreign investors, creating a strong breakthrough in socio-economic development.

Investment promotion and attraction is focused on innovation in the direction of having key point and specific objects suitable to the potential, strengths and local development planning. In order to increase the readiness in investment promotion, the province agreed to publicize the list of projects and investment attraction lists for pẻiod ò 2021-2025 of the province.

Specific investment promotion and calling projects are approved by the Provincial People's Committee in terms of investment policy, with specific criteria on the basis of reviewing and surveying the current status, determining area, scale, planning and related issues in line with the development orientation and promotion of the province's competitiveness. The communication and marketing on potential, strengths and investment opportunities of the locality are increasingly diversified, such as increasing the frequency of appearance of topics related to investment promotion in domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines. Introducing investment opportunities through conferences, seminars on connecting and promoting investment through partners of investors operating in the area, infrastructure business units; especially in key markets such as Korea and Japan.

In order to facilitate investors to learn about the investment environment of the province, specialized agencies also regularly update and supplement the set of investment promotion documents in many languages: Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Korean, Central,;printing DVD to introduce the general planning of the province. Publicize socio-economic development master plans, list of investment attraction fields, prioritized investment projects, etc.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong
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