Machinery organization, functions, tasks and operation regulations
09:20 04/07/2020
The Center for Investment and Development of Industrial Zones (hereinafter called the Center for short) is a public non-business unit with income, directly under Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority. The center performs the function of collecting and disseminating information, coordinating to organize investment promotion activities and investment advisory services to support domestic and foreign resources. Currently, investment projects are aimed at sustainable development of industrial zones in the province. The organizational structure of the Center is built as follows:
1. Diagram, Organizational Structure:

Director: Nguyen Quang Hoa

Vice Director: Nguyen Van Hau

Vice Director: Le Thanh Tung

Assigning responsibilities and powers to settle jobs in the Center's leadership are as follows:
1.1. Director of the Center: Responsible before the law, before the head of the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones for the management and administration of all activities of the Center in accordance with the law;

- Being the account holder of the Center in accordance with current regulations of the State;

- Directly in charge of: Organization and Personnel, Finance, Emulation and Reward, Project Management Consultancy activities of the Center;

- Within the scope of authority, may delegate or delegate the power to the Deputy Director, an individual in the unit to perform certain tasks.

1.2. Mr. Nguyen Van Hau - Vice Director , assists the Director in charge of the following activities:

In charge of and operating the activities of Investment Promotion Consulting Department; Investment Promotion Consultancy in Industrial Zones; Information technology related jobs (Website:, IP Newsletter ...).

1.3. Mr. Le Thanh Tung - Vice Director, assists the Director in charge of the following fields:

- In charge of and operating the activities of Service Department;

- Advising and assisting the Director in exploiting other services specified in the functions, duties and powers of the Center;

- Authorized by the Director to sign the Service Contract of Occupational Safety and Health and some other tasks when assigned or authorized by the Director.


Manager of Project Management Department:
Nguyen Van Huy

Manager of Service:
Le Khac Huy

Manager of Administration Department:
Nguyen Son

Manager of investment promotion consultancy:
Nguyen Dinh Quyet

2. Position and function:
The Center for Supporting Investment and Development of Industrial Zones (hereinafter referred to as the Center for short) is a non-business unit with revenue and self-financing part of its operating expenses under the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Parks.
The center performs the function of collecting and disseminating information, coordinating to organize investment promotion activities and investment advisory services to support domestic and foreign resources. Currently, investment projects are aimed at sustainable development of industrial zones in the province.
The center has legal status, seal and account at the State Treasury.
Headquarters: No. 10, Ly Thai To Street, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province.

3. Tasks and powers:
a) Mission:
- Consult investment in construction and implementation of investment services in industrial parks and industrial clusters planned;
- Surveying and measuring cadastral maps in service of site clearance compensation for investment projects in industrial parks, according to the provisions of law;
- Construction of civil, industrial, transportation, small and medium-sized works in service of the Industrial Park;
- Providing consultancy on training and job placement for laborers working in enterprises in industrial parks and industrial complexes;
- Performing brokerage and associate tasks in the fields of: air ticket agent, transporting passengers by road and by air; services of real estate, housing for workers in industrial zones as prescribed by law.
- Introduce industrial products, handicrafts, products from traditional craft villages in the domestic and foreign markets;
- Implementing services of infrastructure construction investment in the Industrial Park such as: Leveling, making internal roads, water supply and drainage, environmental treatment, planting of green trees;
- Perform other services as prescribed by law to support businesses in the Industrial Park.
- Advising the Management Board of Industrial Zones on the mechanisms, policies, measures, plans and organizing the implementation of investment promotion activities for industrial parks.
- Advise the Management Board of Industrial Zones in coordinating with functional agencies of departments, branches and People's Committees at all levels to carry out investment promotion in industrial parks and industrial clusters. has been planned.
- Coordinate with the functional departments of the Management Board of Industrial Zones in organizing investment promotion activities at home and abroad to mobilize, support and guide investors in studying policies. , legal regulations, investment environment in industrial zones. Carry out propaganda, promotion, introduction and provision of information about the investment environment and investment opportunities in industrial parks.
- Building a data information system in the fields of investment, industrial production to provide to investors, businesses, organizations and individuals. Researching, editing, supplementing and adjusting documents and information related to industrial parks, coordinating in managing website and industrial zone newsletters.
- Organize legal services to serve promptly and effectively to meet the needs of investors. Organizing seminars, conferences and working days of the Management Board of Industrial Zones with domestic and foreign investors.
- Develop programs, plans and organize training courses, professional fostering and update information and investment promotion skills for officials, public servants and employees of the unit. Coordinate with functional agencies, local authorities to organize the implementation of programs to ensure the welfare of workers, especially workers from other provinces; Proposing policies to attract and stabilize the labor force for industrial parks for superior agencies.

b) Authority:
- Recruitment, employment and management of cadres, civil servants and contract workers strictly according to the current regulations of the State and the province.
- Exploiting the necessary information from state agencies, businesses and organizations to serve the establishment of the business information database of the Center in accordance with the law.
- Signing joint-venture contracts, associate contracts, economic contracts and other contracts related to the functions and tasks of the Center according to the provisions of law.
- Actively manage and use financial resources and assets in accordance with the current regimes, policies and regulations of the State for non-business units with revenues and tax exemption and reduction under the provisions of current tax laws.

4. Major functions of the parts:
a. Leadership Center:
- Director: is the head of the Center, responsible to the Chairman and the Law for all activities of the Center.
- Deputy Director: is the person directly assisting the Director, assigned a number of working fields, responsible before the Director and the State Law for those fields. Deputy Director is the person authorized to take charge of the unit when the Director is absent.
The appointment and dismissal of the Leadership of the Center is implemented according to the decentralization regulations of the Provincial People's Committee and the provisions of law.
b. Professional departments
* General administrative office:
The Administration Division has the function of advising and assisting Center Leaders in the fields of Finance, Organization, Administration and performing the following tasks:
+ Managing and implementing financial matters, regimes of laborers and obligations to the State.
+ Manage the fund in accordance with the regulations of the State.
+ Managing seals, keeping cadre records, work records, travel documents, arrival documents. Drafting, checking and submitting documents.
* Department of Consulting and Investment Promotion:
The Investment Advisory and Promotion Division has the function of advising the Leaders of the Investment Promotion and Advisory Center. Perform investment consultancy, construction supervision consultancy, legal consultancy, public service consultancy, fee-collecting service in the Industrial Park and have the following tasks:
+ Organizing the contact, meeting and providing materials and data with agencies, units, enterprises and intermediaries to mobilize, propagate and promote investment - trade in Bac Ninh industrial park.
+ Organizing seminars, conferences, working with domestic and foreign investors; receiving, arranging travel, accommodation, accommodation, serving domestic and foreign investors visiting, industrial parks, seminars, conferences ...
+ Building a system of databases, documents and images in service of propagation, promotion and information provision to functional agencies, information agencies and enterprises (investors) seeking investment opportunities and commercial activities in Bac Ninh industrial parks on the basis of information technology application.
+ Application and exploitation, Web Portal of Management Board, Industrial Zone News, in investment promotion and promotion.
+ Other duties assigned by the Center Director.
+ Consultancy on issuing investment certificates for enterprises in industrial zones
* Project management consulting room:
The Project Management Consulting Office has the function of advising and proposing to the Center's Leader on the construction investment field as follows:
+ Consulting design of civil and industrial projects;
+ Consulting design surveys;
+ Consulting supervision of construction works in industrial zones;
+ Project management consultancy;
+ Consulting construction licensing procedures;
+ Consultancy of preparation of dossier for completion and ownership of properties on land ...;
+ Construction of industrial and civil works;
+ Other duties assigned by the Center Director.
* Service Department:
The Service Department has the function of advising the Center Leaders on Service activities, performing service activities and having the following tasks:
+ Introduction of industrial products, handicrafts on domestic and foreign markets.
+ Implementation of support services for businesses such as investment procedures, investment project formulation, project implementation after licensing; access to land, site clearance; business establishment, opening of branches and representative offices; making financial plans to borrow capital under the one door mechanism; forwarding services, import-export, trade promotion, translation ...
+ Implementation of scientific and technical services, technology transfer services;
+ Conducting training and issuing certificates of labor safety and hygiene in industrial zones;
+ Making connection with periodical medical examination and treatment for workers in industrial zones;
+ Introducing food suppliers, industrial kitchen in industrial zones ...
+ Making tour connection for workers in the industrial park;
+ Perform other services assigned by the Center Director.

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