Extract the Directive 02/CT-UBND of the Chairwoman of Bac Ninh Provincial People's Committee on the implementation of Resolution 02/NQ-CP dated January 1, 2021 of the Government
11:09 22/02/2021
On January 22, 2021, the Chairwoman of Bac Ninh Provincial People's Committee signed for issuing the Directive 02/CT-UBND directing 8 contents to implement the Resolution 02/NQ-CP dated 01/01/2021 of the Government, continuing to improve the business environment, increase the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in 2021 as follows:

1. The Departments, branches, People's Committees of the districts, towns and city promote the implementation of administrative reform in association with improvement of the business environment, increase of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), the Competitiveness Index at Department, Branch and Local Level (DDCI Bac Ninh), consider this as key and cross-cutting task during the implementation of the socio-economic development tasks in 2021.

The agencies and units organize the propaganda, intensive analysis employees on Business environment index, National Competitiveness, PCI Index, DDCI Index of the Province and new requirements in the national governance and local governance; associated with the professional tasks of each agency or unit. Seriously implement effectively and concretize the goals and tasks of the Government's Resolution 02 associated with the innovation and improvement of the management and administration quality at the Departments, branches and localities; spirit of supporting the enterprises, quickly and promptly solve all problems and proposals. Continue to create a favorable, fair, friendly, open and transparent business investment environment; create the most favorable conditions to support the private enterprises, especially the start-up enterprises, make a clear change in the awareness of the cadres, civil servants and officials in the spirit of serving the people and enterprises in order to improve citizens' satisfaction for the public services and state agencies.

The public administration center of the province presides over and coordinates with the public administration centers of the districts, towns, city and the dossier receiving and result delivering sections at the commune level to research and implement the solutions to improve the service quality, check the equipment, renovate the working process in the simplest and most convenient direction for the people and enterprises, build the inter-agency mechanism between the agencies, units, and vertical inter-agency from the provincial level to the commune level; preside and coordinate with the Departments, branches and localities to compile and model the steps of resolving the public administrative procedures at the public administration center, on the Public administrative service portal and on component websites.

The Departments, branches and localities continue to check and propose to reduce the procedures and time for implementing the administrative procedures, especially those with a large transaction frequency, research and implement the inter-agency administrative procedures in accordance with the regulations of the law.

For the groups of index and indicator in the Resolution 02 stated including: Construction planning and licensing, Property registration, Settlement of contract disputes, Settlement of corporate bankruptcy, land procedures and site clearance; information technology applications; quality of vocational training and skills; patent registration; control of corruption, degree of participation in online transactions; job opportunities in the knowledge-intensive industries; sustainable ecological environment; the agencies and units according to their related functions and tasks build the specific action plans in order to improve the quality of the above targets.

For PCI component indexes of Bac Ninh province that tend to reduce points and ranking, such as: Market entry; Labor training ...; The heads of the related agencies and units assume the prime responsibility for, and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of administrative procedures and policies to support enterprises; promote new initiatives to improve the enterprise service quality at the administrative centers at all levels; at the same time continue to maintain the Indexes with excellent ranking.

2. Immediately overcome the limitations, problems in the coordination between the agencies and units.

The Department of Justice presides over and coordinates with the agencies and units to review the shortcomings that exist due to the unspecified regulations, overlapping, and contradictions on state management in the fields of investment, land, construction and natural resources, environment, propose the solutions for the cases under the authority of the Provincial People's Council and People's Committee; propose and recommend the competent agencies for the cases that are not under the authority of the Provincial People's Council and People's Committee.

In the coordination work among the agencies and units, the Department of Justice is requested to preside over and review the list of tasks that need coordination between the agencies and units; advise the Provincial People's Committee on the coordination regulations among the agencies, in which: clearly identifying the head agencies and units; transparent and specific assignment of rights and responsibilities of the head agencies, units and coordination agencies and units; propose the strict handling mechanism for violations leading to late delivery of results to the people and enterprises.

The Department of Justice and the Office of the Provincial People's Committee strictly control the promulgation of legal documents, do not arise and attach special importance to reducing the period for handling the administrative procedures.

For the proposals and problems of the enterprises related to many branches and prolonged period, the Department of Justice presides over and coordinates with the Socio-economic Development Research Institute, related agencies and units. In case of necessity, consult the legal experts who are knowledgeable about the business environment to handle fairly and facilitate the enterprises.

The Department of Justice coordinates with the Association of enterprises to implement the legal support for the enterprises according to the regulations of the Decree No. 55/2019/ND-CP dated June 24, 2019 of the Government on legal support for Small and medium-sized enterprises practically and effectively.

3. Make changes in behavior, between the State agencies and enterprises, improve efficiency in grasping and solving recommendations, difficulties and problems for the enterprises.

The Provincial public administration center presides over, organizes the training courses to improve necessary skills for the cadres related to the dossier receiving and result delivering at the public administration center at all levels; research, renovate and diversify the forms of receiving opinions and recommendations from the people and enterprises to handle or reflect timely to the relevant agencies and units for handling.

Agree on the viewpoint about enhancing the friendliness, interest and listening with a devoted spirit in contact, dialogue and solving the recommendations, difficulties and problems of the enterprises; Enhance the accountability to consolidate the confidence for the people and enterprises in the business environment.

The Departments, branches and localities actively arrange the cadres with qualifications and good quality for dealing with the administrative procedures in association with the process of organization and apparatus arrangement at the Departments, branches and localities according to the Government's regulations; study and establish the Permanent working group led by the Heads of the agencies and units, responsible for quickly handling the problems and difficulties of the people and enterprises.

The Heads of the agencies and units closely, regularly grasp and promptly handle the problems at the Public administration center and single window section; make commitment to service quality, publicize phone numbers of the Heads of the agencies and responsible Leaders to the people, enterprises implementing the administrative procedures at the public administration center and on websites; improve discipline, inspect and handle the possible harass; strictly deal with the cases where the cadres contact the enterprises to work directly at the agency, unit without the letter of invitation or consent of the Leaders of the agency, unit.

In the case that the agency delivers the results late or the cadres provide incomplete instructions, the enterprise has to spend more time completing the dossier or traveling but the fault belongs to the state agency; in the case that the cadre contacts the enterprise for supplementing the dossier after having received the complete dossier according to the list listed at the public administration center without the documents from the agency, unit with reasonable reasons; The Head of the agency, unit must send letter of apology to the people and enterprises.

The Provincial Public Administration Center was assigned monthly to sum up the situation of dossiers to request supplementation or adjustment from twice or more, and report to the Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee.

Strictly comply with the Regulations on responsibility of the head in dealing with recommendations of the enterprises.

The Provincial Socio-economic Development Research Institute presides over and reviews the activities of the Working group to support enterprises, advises to adjust and supplement the operation regulations of the Working group (if necessary) in order to improve effectiveness of solving and dealing with difficulties and problems for the enterprises and people.

4. Focus on implementing the digital transformation task, creating favorable conditions for the enterprises and people to effectively access to building smart cities.

The Department of Information and Communication presides over and coordinates with the agencies and units to effectively implement the plan No. 464/KH-UBND dated 12/11/2020 on the digital transformation plan of Bac Ninh province in the period of 2021 - 2025, orientation to 2030, synchronously with implementation of administrative reform; building and implementing the digital transformation support program for the enterprises.

The Departments, branches and localities review and implement the solutions to improve the online public service supply rate at level 3, 4, in which strive to apply 100% to the practical public services for the people (such as the fields of health, education and training, social security); Speed up the implementation of the method of receiving dossiers, delivering results in dealing with the administrative procedures through the public postal services; Accelerate the progress of non-cash payment and develop e-commerce; apply information technology to make processes and procedures transparent; connect, share the shared database for the state management work.

5. Supporting enterprises for sustainable development.

Continue to step up the site clearance, create land fund and create convenience, support to attract investment in the industrial zones, take advantage of the trend of shifting FDI flows for investment in the province. Comprehensively assess the competitive advantages, compliance costs, business costs, administrative procedures related to the investment, construction, land, environment, fire prevention, traffic, food safety, taxes, customs, specialized inspection…. Review the coordination regulations in the management of industrial zones and complexes.

Intensify effective solutions to create channels for connection and cooperation between the training schools in the province with the training organizations and with the enterprises in order to train, improve the quality of human resources of the province, improve the labor productivity; implement effective mechanisms and solutions to attract labor, especially high-quality labor to the industrial complexes and industrial zones in the province, ensure the social infrastructure development plans for the employees for sustainable development of the industrial zones.

Ensure the trading right, equality right to access resources and business opportunities of the enterprises. Create equality and fairness among the enterprises of all economic sectors in accessing and enjoying the preferential policies, investment support, access to credit, land and financial resources of the state.

The Departments, branches and localities, according to their functions and tasks, review, advise, amend, supplement, and promulgate newly the policies to support the enterprises in accordance with the regulations of the law, in order to create an equal and favorable business environment for the enterprises, especially in accessing to the land resources, credit, administrative procedures on investment, construction, taxes, preferential policies, investment support, investor selection...

The Department of Planning and Investment presides over and organizes the effective implementation of the Small and medium-sized enterprise support project in Bac Ninh province in the period 2020 - 2025; organize the implementation of the Resolution No. 14/2020/NQ-HDND of the Provincial People's Council on the promulgation of policy on ground support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial zones and industrial complexes in Bac Ninh province in the period 2020 - 2025.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development presides over and coordinates with the Department of Industry and Trade to review, evaluate, organize production and propose plans to support the sustainable craft villages for sustainable development, associated with the development of the program “each commune one product”; connect to the supermarkets, convenience stores.

The Provincial Socio-economic Development Research Institute, Department of Industry and Trade, Provincial Industrial Zones Authority coordinate with the Ministries, universities, colleges, research institutes... and large FDI enterprises to implement the training support, technical consultancy programs for the domestic enterprises to improve the product quality, management capacity, meet specific product standards, and help the enterprises join the industry linkage cluster, value chain.

Continue to take measures to solve difficulties for production and business under the Directive No. 11/CT-TTg dated March 4, 2020 of the Prime Minister and the directions of the Central government on urgent tasks and solutions to solve difficulties for production and business, ensure social security to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic.

6. Controlling the inspection activities, ensuring a favorable business environment for the enterprises.

The agencies have responsibility to coordinate with the Provincial Inspectorate in building the Inspection plan; strictly implement the Directive No. 20/CT-TTg dated May 17, 2017 of the Prime Minister on reorganizing the inspection activities for the enterprises. When building, approving the annual inspection plan, the situation of inspection more than once a year is not allowed for the enterprises. In case of unexpected inspection when there are signs of law violation, only issue the inspection decision when there are obvious signs of violation; the inspection conclusions must clearly identify the nature and extent of violations.

In the case of detecting that the inspection content and scope has overlap, coincidence with another inspection agency or the State Auditor, the Head of the inspection conducting agency must promptly report it to the Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee in order to have appropriate solutions to avoid overlap, coincidence and ensure inheritance in operation between the agencies and units.

The Heads of the agencies must strictly control the contact process of the cadres at the enterprises, all cases coming to work with the enterprises, must have plan with the consent of the Director, the head of the State agencies according to the authority specified by the law.

7. Along with improving the business environment, enhancing the national competitiveness, focusing on directing the building and implementation of medium-term and long-term strategies and plans.

Implementing the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress, the Full-term and annual working programs of all levels, Departments, branches and localities needs to promptly implement the Projects with clear objectives and specific roadmap towards building Bac Ninh into a city directly under the Central government, creating favorable conditions for the enterprises to transform their business to adapt to the urban economy, commercial and utility services. At the same time, implementing the communication solutions to raise awareness of the whole society, especially the business community about the content and significance of sustainable development in order to quickly develop the business community for sustainable development.

Continue to focus on supporting the people and enterprises to recover their production and business, overcome the negative impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic according to the Government’s policy.

8. Implementation organization.

The branches and levels shall implement promptly and seriously, promote new initiatives in improving the business environment in their units; propose to the Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee the contents of administrative reform, business environment improvement related to the other Departments and branches, difficulties, problems, arising; intensify effective work coordination to improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index under the Resolution 02 of the Government.

The Provincial Socio-economic Development Research Institute shall promptly evaluate the Local management quality measurement indexes; annual public service quality, report to the Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee; assess the service quality and the satisfaction level of the people and enterprises at the Office level of the Departments and the People's Committees of the districts related to the handling of administrative procedures for the enterprises.

Quarterly, the agencies and units shall report on the implementation situation of the Directive, proposals and recommendations (if any) to the Provincial Socio-economic Development Research Institute for summarization, reporting to the Provincial People's Committee before 05th day of the final month of the quarter.

The Provincial Radio and Television Station; Bac Ninh Newspaper; The provincial portal enhance the time, topic of the information propaganda about the improvement of business environment, supporting the enterprises, and improving the national competitiveness of the province under this Directive./.
Source document: bacninh.gov.vn
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