State budget revenue from the foreign-invested enterprises increased by 51% over the same period last year
15:10 26/04/2023
In the first quarter, the total State budget revenue in the province reached more than VND9,720 billion, equal to 31% of the estimate, up 2% over the same period last year. In which, the domestic revenue was nearly VND8,030 billion, reached 34% of the estimate, up 7%; the revenue from Customs was nearly VND1,700 billion, reached 22%, down 14%.

Foreign-invested enterprises strictly implement the tax obligations to the State, contributing to increasing the local budget

In the domestic revenue, in some areas, the taxes had highly increased revenue compared to the same period last year. Typically, the revenue from the foreign-invested enterprises accounted for more than 56.9% of the total domestic revenue, increased by 51%, which is the main reason contributing to the increase in the State budget; followed by the revenue from the Public interest investment fund and revenue from other yield and public property, increased by 132%; the land and water surface rent increased by 46%; The construction lottery activities increased by 23%; the revenue from the non-state economic sector increased by 5%.

However, there are still many revenues that fell sharply compared to the same period last year, such as the revenue from the centrally managed State-owned enterprises reduced 32%; the personal income tax reduced 16%; the revenue from the land use levy reduced 92%; the environmental protection tax reduced 60%; the registration fee reduced 8%. The other remaining revenues basically ensure the revenue progress according to the assigned estimate.

At the same time, the total expenditure of the local budget was more than VND3,830 billion, of which the investment and development expenditure was nearly VND1,980 billion; the recurrent expenditure was more than VND1,850 billion. The expenditure tasks are performed according to the estimate, meet the requirements of socio-economic development, national defense and security, and ensure the expenditure tasks for social security, take care of the beneficiaries of salary, pension and social allowance from the State budget.
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