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Bac Ninh is a province located in the key economic triangle region of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh and is the northeastern gateway of Hanoi capital. The province has many advantages in terms of geographical location, conditions to attract domestic and foreign investment. In 1997, Bac Ninh was separated from Ha Bac province, with an area of ​​822 km2, a population of nearly 1 million people, income per capita was in the low middle-income group of the country. The budget revenue in 1997 when re-established the province reached 600 billion VND, it was an agricultural province, poor and backward.

After more than 20 years, Bac Ninh has risen to become a rich locality, a growth pole, an industrial development center, with many targets in the top of the country; has a significant impact on industrial production, exports and growth of Vietnam; to become a model of socio-economic development, playing an increasingly important role and position for the country's development: Industrial production value in 2019 reached 1,120,000 billion VND, ranked at most in the country; export value reached 35 billion USD, ranked second after Ho Chi Minh City; State budget revenue reached 35,000 billion VND, is one of 12 provinces and cities to balance their budget and partially regulate the central government.

 By the end of 2019 and the first months of 2020, the covid-19 epidemic was complicated, seriously affecting all activities of the global economy, including activities of enterprises in industrial zones. .

However, the investment in Bac Ninh still achieved positive results (the plan is expected to attract $ 1 billion in 2020). In the first 10 months of 2020, the total newly and increased investment capital in Bac Ninh industrial zones reaches 902 million USD (equivalent to 90% of the annual plan). Other indicators reach an average of 71% compared to the year plan, specifically: industrial production value is estimated at 828,000 billion VND (75%); Turnover 925,000 billion (77%); Export value is 24.4 billion USD (68%); Import value was 16.3 billion USD (77%); Submission to the state budget is estimated at VND 7,335 billion (56%); labor increased by 38,000 people compared to the end of 2019.

Contributing to the outstanding achievements of the province, there is a special role of the Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority. Over the past 20 years of operation, the Bac Ninh IZA has advised the province on mechanisms and policies to develop industrial zones in both quantity and quality, increasing production capacity, and speeding up industrial development. Shifting from thinking of attracting the number and size of projects to attracting selectively, prioritizing high-tech fields, focusing on investment efficiency (using less land, less manpower, but great added value ), Bac Ninh becomes the center for the development of electrical, electronic and mobile phone industries not only in the country but also in the region. Industrial zones have become an important part of the economy, promoting economic restructuring, increasing production capacity, transferring technology, improving production efficiency, participating in production value chains. global (accounting for over 70% of industrial production value, over 90% of export value, 51.7% of provincial domestic budget revenue).

The whole province currently has 16 industrial zones approved by the Prime Minister. There are 11 industrial zones granted investment certificates and establishment decisions (including 14 investment projects to build infrastructure of industrial zones). Of which, 10 industrial zones have been put into operation, attracting nearly 1,600 domestic investment projects and FDI projects from 32 countries and territories around the world; In which, Yen Phong Industrial Park attracts the largest investment in the country. Large projects with famous regional and international brands have chosen Bac Ninh as a safe and attractive destination such as: Samsung, Hong Hai Foxconn, Canon, ABB, ... With over 1,100 projects in operation. industrial enterprises, especially FDI enterprises, have contributed to creating jobs and raising incomes for about 332,000 workers inside and outside the province; gradually becomes a factor promoting the rapid formation and development of the social infrastructure system.

In terms of organizational structure, structure, the Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority currently has a total of 8 professional departments and equivalent and 01 non-business unit with nearly 90 officials, civil servants, public employees and employees. The total payrolls assigned to date is 69, including 36 civil servants, 6 68 contract workers and 27 employees in affiliated non-business units. Leaders are composed of the Head and 04 Deputy Heads of the Committee. During the past 20 years, the Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority has overcome difficulties and challenges; to step by step build and mature, consolidate and raise the State management efficiency and effectiveness in all fields, excellently complete the assigned tasks.

However, during its operation, the Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority encountered some problems as follows:

Firstly, there is no solid, thorough, complete and synchronous legal basis for the operation of the Management Boards of industrial zones, export processing zones and EZs. We do not have a separate Law and Ordinance on IZs and the operation of the direct state management agency for IZs.

Specifically, the Bac Ninh IZA was established in 1998, performing the function of direct state management over the concentrated industrial zones of the province on the basis of Decree No. 36/1997/ND-CP dated 24/24 4/1997, to 2008, to comply with Decree No. 29/2008/ND-CP dated 14/3/2008 of the Government on industrial zones, export processing zones and economic zones. Specific functions and tasks are specified in Decision No. 60/2008/QD-UBND dated May 9, 2008 of the People's Committee of Bac Ninh province. After this, follow a number of additional and adjusted documents such as Decree No. 164/2013/ND-CP dated November 12, 2013 of the Government amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree 29/2008/ND-CP; Joint Circular No. 06/2015/TTLT-BKHĐT-BNV of the Ministry of Planning and Investment - Ministry of Home Affairs guiding the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Management Board of industrial parks and zones. export processing, economic zone; And the latest one is the Government's Decree No. 82/2018/ND-CP dated May 22, 2018, regulating the management of industrial parks and economic zones.

The absence of legal documents such as Laws, Ordinance or the lack of documents guiding the implementation of the Decree makes the organizational structure and apparatus of the local management boards inconsistent. Head structure is also different between provinces and cities (Head of the Committee can be a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Party Committee, member of the Provincial People's Committee or not be structured into these positions).

Secondly, according to the provisions of the law, specifically the Decree 24/2014/ND-CP dated 04/4/2014 of the Government, the Bac Ninh IZA, as well as many local management boards. other, not the specialized agency of the PPC. Although the activities of the Board are relatively comprehensive and cover various fields, from investment licensing to state management of enterprises, environment, labor, planning, construction, ... At the same time, Like Bac Ninh province, the establishment and operation of the Bac Ninh IZA is necessary, in accordance with the characteristics, socio-economic development situation and meeting the requirements of local State management.

Thirdly, as mentioned above, due to the lack of sufficient legal basis, there is no basis for the establishment and operation of the inspection division under the Board. Previously, the Bac Ninh IZA only established inspection teams for industrial zones or cooperated with Departments and Branches to join other inspection and inspection teams. The detection of violations is concluded, but must be transferred to departments in the province for consideration and handling. This makes the management activities of industrial zone enterprises ineffective and effective as expected, and at the same time, it is not deterrent to businesses that are subject to indecent activity, often violating regulations. legal.

Fourthly, the Management Board of IZs, EPZs and EZs perform their tasks under the authorization of the ministries and localities. However, this authorization is not identical. There are a Board that is fully authorized, there is a Board that is partially authorized, there is a Board that is not authorized to perform any duties. Therefore, it leads to uneven and ineffective operation.

On the morning of November 15, 2020, the Regional Comprehensive Partnership Agreement (RCEP) was signed between 10 ASEAN countries and 5 partners, opening a new period of economic and trade cooperation. comprehensive, long-term, forward-looking, suitable to the level of development and bringing benefits to all countries in the region, including Vietnam. For the common prosperity of the community of ASEAN countries and the world economy. When the Agreement is ratified by countries, it will greatly support the economic recovery of member countries after the covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, it is an important legal basis for promoting cooperation, research and development activities of enterprises, especially FDI enterprises and large enterprises operating in industrial zones in the province. country. It also requires state management agencies directly in the IZs, EPZs and EZs to renew their management methods, improve the quality of the contingent of cadres, civil servants and employees, especially the leadership team. , managing at all levels, enhancing inspection and post-investment inspection. The improvement of the organizational structure and apparatus of the Management Boards of the IZs, EPZs and EZs in the localities is extremely urgent and necessary at present.

Particularly for Bac Ninh province, in order to bring into play the achievements achieved, further promote the development of concentrated industrial zones in the province, continue to make an important contribution to the economic restructuring. of the province towards modernization, striving to soon build the province into an industrial province and centrally-run city, in order to meet the requirements of the new situation;

The Bac Ninh IZA proposes the following levels and sectors:

1. It is recommended to soon have the Law on IZs and activities of the Management Boards of IZs, EPZs and EZs, as a legal basis for building and completing the organizational structure and apparatus of the Board, implementing inspecting, examining and handling after inspection and examination, in parallel with the process of promoting, attracting, licensing investment and managing after investment.

2. Decree 82/2018/ND-CP of the Government has been issued since 2018, until now after more than 2 years there is no guiding circular. Therefore, the Management Board of the IZs, EPZs and EZs are currently confused in the implementation of staff work. The Ministry of Planning and Investment is requested to soon issue a circular or joint circular guiding the implementation of Decree 82.

3. The establishment of the Management Board of IZs, EPZs and EZs is consistent with the development trend of the country in general, including Bac Ninh province in particular; has made an important contribution to promoting and restructuring the economy in the direction of industrialization and modernization. Therefore, in order to be proactive in the management and implementation of professional tasks while the Law on IZs is not available, the Government is requested to fully decentralize the Management Board of IZs to carry out the tasks of investment and construction planning. construction, environment, labor and inspection in the IZ.

4. The hard regulation on the number of staff members of the specialized divisions to establish the division or the appointment of the head and deputy head of the division makes it difficult for the Board to formulate a project to implement Decree 82 on organizational structure. function, apparatus. The authorities are requested to consider amending, or have separate regulations, supplement to the Management Boards rated I such as the Bac Ninh IZA.

5. Proposing to consider regulations on specialized agencies under the People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities./.

Nguyen Mai Huong, Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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