Bac Ninh Industrial Zones for the first 6 months of 2019
14:49 19/12/2019
Bac Ninh currently has a total of 16 concentrated industrial parks approved and adjusted by the Prime Minister. 10 Industrial parks have been put into operation. The occupancy rate on the planned land area reaches 68.7% and the recovered land area is 93.8%.

In the first 6 months of 2019, Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority has granted 52 new investment certificates (65% of the year plan) with a total registered investment capital of USD 515.22 million, including: 44 FDI projects with registered capital of US $ 468.7 million; 08 domestic projects with registered capital of VND 1,070 billion, equivalent to USD 46.52 million. Issuing 167 amended certificate of investment registration; in which: 54 times of projects adjusted to increase or decrease the investment capital with the total additional investment capital of 380.17 million USD. The total newly and adjusted investment capital in the first 6 months of 2019 (from December 21, 2018 to May 20, 2019) was US $ 895.39 million (FDI was US $ 821.65 million; the domestic was 1,696.15 billion VND, equivalent to 73.75 million USD); reached 99.49% (895.39 million USD / 900 million USD) compared to the plan in 2019.

Compared to the same period in 2018, the number of registered projects reached 140% (52/37) and the registered investment capital reached 335% (895.39 million USD / 267.36 million USD). In addition, a new investment certificate 01 industrial park infrastructure project (Project "Investment, construction, business, infrastructure development of industrial parks, trade and services VSIP Bac Ninh II ”Invested by VSIP Bac Ninh Co., Ltd with total registered investment capital of USD 103.91 million); Granting 01 License of establishing Representative Office. Accumulated until May 20, 2019: Issued 1,379 investment certificates for 926 FDI projects and 453 domestic projects, with the total newly and adjusted investment capital reaching 18,699.63 million USD (domestic is 47,020, VND 93 billion is equivalent to USD 2,228.11 million, FDI is USD 16,471.52 million). Meeting and working with more than 50 domestic and foreign investors coming to explore investment in Bac Ninh Industrial Zones.

Production and business activities of enterprises The industrial park remained stable, basically completed the targets (in value: industrial production, export, import; budget contribution) compared to the growth plan 6 First months of 2019. In the first 6 months of 2019, there are 65 projects in operation, bringing the total number of projects in operation to date is 1,000 projects. The situation of production and business activities of enterprises in the Industrial Park is relatively stable. Compared to the same period in 2018, the targets of production and business activities of industrial park enterprises reached an average of over 88% (particularly, budget contribution reached 109%), compared to the 2019 plan, The average results are about 44% (only 54% of the budget). The Management Board of Industrial Zones carries out the procedures for terminating the operation of the investment project and revoking the investment license / certificate of investment / certificate of investment for 10 projects with a total registered capital of 16.6 million USD, accumulated until now has terminated its operation and revoked the certificate of investment / investment certificate / certificate of investment for 218 projects with a total registered investment capital of 883.7 million USD.

Bac Ninh Industrial Zones currently employ 28,405 labors, of which local workers are 74,657 people (accounting for 26.44%); Female laborers are 176,386 people (accounting for 62.46%); Foreign workers are 4,518 people.

The environmental protection in the Industrial Zones is always inspected and supervised closely. The environmental protection in Industrial Zones is taken seriously by enterprises, the outstanding issues have been overcome.

The situation of security and order in the basic industrial parks is guaranteed. However, there have been 05 strikes and suspension of collective work in industrial zones: Que Vo, Tien Son, Dai Dong - Hoan Son, VSIP and Thuan Thanh II.

In the first 6 months of 2019, Bac Ninh Industrial Zones established 24 new trade unions, newly developed 1,288 union members, bringing the total number of grassroots unions to 522 organizations with 106,978 union members. Guide and direct the successful organization of 22 trade union meetings, 88 grassroots trade unions to organize congresses. Enterprises in industrial zones have well implemented the principle of democratic centralism in union activities; effectively implement programs, resolutions and working plans of trade unions of their own and superior levels; maintaining the union activity regime; contribute to raising the awareness of union members in the performance of tasks, limiting the shortcomings and shortcomings helping the guidance of the Standing Committee, the Executive Committee of Trade Union of Industrial Zones to reach the operation base. high fruit.

The Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones has received 2,829 applications for settlement of administrative procedures in areas under its jurisdiction. Of which: solved and returned results 2,712 records (2,297 students pay early, pay 415 students on time, no students pay late); The remaining are resolved.

In the first 6 months of 2019, Bac Ninh province ranked 3rd in the country in attracting foreign investment capital (mainly in industrial parks). According to the report of Department of Planning and Investment, in the first 6 months, the province has granted business registration certificates to 1,114 enterprises with total registered capital of over 12,170 billion dong. Up to now, there are 15,284 enterprises in the province with a total charter capital of more than VND 225,840 billion. In particular, 14,800 enterprises are operating with a total charter capital of more than 223,349 billion VND./.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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