The rampant effect of Samsung Display Vietnam
16:13 13/11/2018
As the largest scale investment project in the province, Samsung Display Vietnam (SDV), in Yen Phong Industrial Zone has always demonstrated the influence and spillover effects to the industrial development of Bac Ninh and the whole country.
Library in the SDV's dormitory.

Invested from 2014 with the initial registered capital of $ 1 billion, but a year later saw the potential and opportunities for development in the countryside This family has adjusted to increase investment capital to 4 USD billion to build the V2 plant. By 2017, SDV will continue to increase its investment capital by $ 2.5 billion (building a V3 plant). Thus, the total investment capital of the company in Bac Ninh reached $ 6.5 billion (capacity of 160 million products per year) became one of the largest FDI projects in Vietnam and the largest in Bac Ninh up to the time present. With its capacity over almost 4 years SDV has disbursed most of this huge amount ($ 6.4 / $ 5.6 billion), earlier than the commitment of more than one year. Currently, all three factories have been put into operation, specializing in manufacturing high-tech products, such as Oled, Flecxible, UHD / UHD / Clock, tablet, etc. SDV is currently the main supplier of AMOLED screens for Apple's next-generation iPhone.

The difference of SDV compared to other businesses is to invest in the most modern technology equipment in the world today. The company always strives to create the best working environment for its employees, which is closely linked to the establishment of welfare facilities in order to attract talents and to attach employees to the factory. The first time the equipment in the factory is mainly imported, in the coming time, it will commit to the Government on the technology transfer. The company plans to cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises to supply equipment and contribute Improving localization and supporting motivation for local industry, focusing on developing higher quality products.

SDV Director General Kweon Yuong Chan said that SDV is the most advanced technology company in the world. Recently, with the effort of developing production and improving the level for employees to be the master. Technology, business always pay attention to create the best working environment for workers; actively participate in community activities and build social welfare facilities. In order to operate the SDV plant, it is necessary to recruit high quality engineers and employees so the unit has actively coordinated with universities in Vietnam such as Polytechnic University, Hanoi University ... to train and train Human Resources.

With a pioneering technology development strategy, SDV's revenue has increased significantly over the years, contributing positively to the industrial production value of Bac Ninh and the whole country. In 2016, revenue from sales reached VND102 trillion, up sharply to VND375 trillion in 2017 (equivalent to US $ 16.2 billion), generating jobs for 32,200 employees. Due to fluctuations of the world market in Q2-2018, the company achieved sales of about 53 trillion dong and profit of 1.3 trillion dong, down 23 percent and 85 percent respectively year-on-year. However, until the third quarter, the company continued to increase the screen output required by customers, including Samsung Electronics and Apple for the launch of Note 9 and iPhone Xs Max last September, so In the first 9 months of 2018, the company still achieved 12.4 billion USD, accounting for 46.26% of the province's export value. It is expected that the company's revenue will continue to increase in the coming time as the demand of consumers increases sharply at the end of the year. Disbursement of 100% of SDV's registered revenue will reach about $ 21 billion by 2022.

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan visited the company in late October was impressed with the results of the SDV reached. Asserting that SDV is considered a successful foreign investment model in Vietnam, it is a testament to the good cooperation between Vietnam and Korea. The success of the company contributes positively to the socio-economic development of Bac Ninh province in particular and Vietnam in general. Affirmed that the National Assembly of Vietnam will continue to improve the legal framework to create favorable conditions for investors including Samsung to produce stable in Vietnam. SDV should pay more attention to social security, care for workers' lives.

As a world leader in LCD & AMOLED products for electronic products, SDV is conducting research and development activities related to the manufacture of monitors and providing services. The company employs a team of highly-motivated, dynamic and professional working environment, where employees have the opportunity to advance, advance their technological prowess in the 4.0 era.

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