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14:33 19/12/2019
Many people in Bac Ninh used to only know about agricultural production, but when the industry existed they quickly caught up and settled down to a new life. The village industry is a reality that shines in the eyes of every villager as it calls for prosperity with many unexpected promises.

Industry to the village

Back to Phuong Mao Commune (Que Vo), we clearly felt the prosperity of this land. After more than a dozen years, when the industry returned to the village, people quickly adapted and merged with the new rhythm of life. Coming to Mao Trung, the only village of Phuong Mao that no longer has agricultural land, the morning market is bustling with buyers and sellers bustling like streets. Services and restaurants have sprung up close, many shops are selling food and foodstuffs on a large scale to serve the shopping needs of the people. Chairman Tran Trung Kien said: “In 2009, 50% of agricultural land of Phuong Mao commune was in the area of ​​land acquisition to build Que Vo IP. At that time, people were worried that when there was no agricultural land, their children would be like. But contrary to that thought, the industry of the villagers quickly caught up with the new life. Service business is a newly developed profession in Phuong Mao which attracts 1,400 households, the commune's average income per capita in 2017 is VND 42 million, 3 times higher than in 2010. The total income value of the whole commune in 3 years (from 2015 to present) reached over VND 900 billion, in which Techmart, construction, trade and service accounted for 81.3%. Up to now, basically there are no poor households in the commune ... ”.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Bieu, Mao Trung village, shared: “In the past, my family was in a poor household. Since the time of IZ, the family economy has been developing day by day. Currently, in addition to grocery business, the family has 13 rooms for rent to workers, each room costing VND 800,000 / month. My son drives a factory in the Industrial Park with an income of 13 million VND per month. His grandchildren and grandchildren also have stable jobs at factories in the industrial park ... ”.

Like Phuong Mao Commune, for more than a decade, when Que Vo Industrial Park was present and developed, Van Duong Ward (Bac Ninh City) is no longer a purely agricultural land. Industrialization and urbanization change the face of the homeland. Lam Lam Village is a typical example of economic development in Van Duong. High-rise buildings, modern designs have grown more and more in the last 5-7 years and are all of the households producing and trading all types of services. Ms. Nguyen Thi Huu, a local resident, said: “When I acquired agricultural land, my people were worried because I did not know what I would do to live. Then, the people, the home, find a job and adapt to the new living conditions. Young people apply for jobs in IZs, older people sell goods or do home-based services. In 2010, my family opened a shop selling civil goods and built 20 rooms for rent to workers at an average price of VND 750,000 per month. With this model, each month also earns 50-70 million, much better than before in agriculture. ”

Not only Mrs. Huu, many people in Van Duong also felt that way. Many farmers had a difficult life in the past, now becoming a boss thanks to business, housing services, transportation, construction ... contributing to the development of the local economy. Currently Van Duong has more than 1,700 households with nearly 10,000 people. In particular, nearly 600 households built more than 8,000 rooms for more than 11,000 workers, the peak period up to 16,000 workers; hundreds of households have kiosks to rent and sell goods of all kinds ... In 2017, the revenue from the industry, construction, trade and services of the ward reached nearly 170 billion VND (accounting for more than 90% of the business structure. local health unit); The rate of poor households is only 1.57%. Economic development, Van Duong has conditions to invest in infrastructure construction. Up to now, many welfare works have been built spaciously and the infrastructure has been upgraded continuously. The material and spiritual life of the people has been significantly improved.

Economic development still ensures order and security

Up to now, 10 concentrated industrial zones have been operating in the province, along with many small industrial clusters. The rapid economic development has brought about many changes in the lives of the people, especially the situation of security and order (ANTT) and social safety. However, localities have many measures and efforts to stabilize the situation. Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Manh Hung, Head of the Police Department of Van Duong Ward, said: “Van Duong is a province where many workers come to work and live. Therefore, in order to maintain the security and create a safe and favorable environment for socio-economic development, the ward actively cooperates with functional units of the city and province to well implement the household management. , registering temporary residence, temporary absence and fighting against all kinds of crimes and social evils. In addition, the ward has implemented self-management models such as establishing a 10-person self-governing group model, including: Head of the area, police officer, militia and self-defense force regularly patrolling and checking places where people congregate; mobilizing employees to participate in preserving security in enterprises to promote positive efficiency ... ". In the first 6 months of this year alone, the ward coordinated to investigate and solve 4 cases of property theft, 8 cases related to drugs, 3 cases of gambling, receiving accommodation declaration of more than 1,000 turns of people ...

In localities where industrial zones are located in the province, together with economic development, building an attractive investment environment, the task of security assurance is paid special attention by the authorities and functional agencies. According to Mr. Tran Trung Kien, Chairman of Phuong Mao Commune People's Committee, the locality always attaches great importance to economic development to ensure security and environmental protection. The whole commune has 8,000 people (including over 4,000 resident workers) and more than 1,000 homestay businesses. Every month, every quarter the commune invites the business households of the boarding houses to hold meetings, propagandize about preserving security and protecting the environment. Each hamlet elected a group leader who regularly understands the situation. Any problems should be reported to the village leader and local authorities for timely settlement. Most business households install surveillance cameras at home. At the end of 2016, the commune was supported by 5 police cameras in Que Vo district, locating at public places, thereby discovering many cases of property theft. Environmental criteria are difficult criteria that many localities have faced in building new rural areas, but Phuong Mao is a few localities that always maintain and promote well. The commune maintains 5 sanitation teams to collect waste in the villages and cooperates with Hung Phat Environment Company to hire 2 specialized vehicles to transport garbage to the gathering place, so the rural environment always ensures green, clean sanitation. , pretty…

Certainly, many people feel proud and happy when the industrial light comes back and change the appearance of their homeland. In the midst of an increasing pace of industrialization and urbanization, the people in the province have been, and will be, enjoying many benefits from such growth.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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