Bac Ninh Industrial Zones welcomes the new trend
14:36 19/12/2019
The year 2018 has passed, marking the comprehensive success of Bac Ninh's economy, all three key areas (industry-agriculture-services) have grown. In particular, industrial production is firmly affirmed as a growth engine, the industrial scale in GRDP reached VND 120,002 billion, up 11.6%. Contributing to economic growth of the province plays a huge role for centralized industrial zones. In 2019, Bac Ninh Industrial Zones continues their development journey to catch up with a new trend.

Looking back one year, enterprises in Bac Ninh Industrial Zones have tried their best to overcome the barriers and challenges of market fluctuations and the fierce competition of the integration process to reap the "sweet fruit season". In the year, there were 87 new projects in operation, bringing the total number of active projects in Bac Ninh Industrial Zones to 941 projects, creating high industrial production value, export value and making a significant contribution. to the provincial budget revenue. Specifically, the industrial production value reached VND 1,100,000 billion (equal to 166% compared to 2017), the export value was US $ 32 billion, accounting for 91.8% of the provincial export value and accounting for about 13% (32 / 244.72 billion USD) export value of goods of the whole country; import value was 24.5 billion USD; contributed VND 11,000 billion (up 26% compared to 2017) to the state budget. It is worth mentioning that the group of manufacturing and processing industries accounted for a large proportion of the increase, which proves that domestic enterprises are gradually participating in the value chain to increase the localization rate and contribute to tissue mobility. The model of economic growth into the private sector sector, both promoting the spread value of FDI projects and exploiting the potential of the locality. Promoting and attracting innovation investment in various forms, the Management Board of Industrial Zones received and worked with more than 90 domestic and foreign investors who came to learn and invest in Bac Ninh Industrial Zones. Newly granted 123 Investment Certificates, granted 382 times of adjusted projects, with the total newly and additionally registered investment capital of 1,184.71 million USD (domestic: 299.41 million USD; FDI is 885). 3 million USD). Along with creating favorable conditions for investors to develop production and business, the work of reviewing and checking the operation of projects after licensing is also very interested, in the year the company stopped operating and collected 6 investment projects were revoked, with a total registered capital of 24.6 million USD.

According to Mr. Nguyen Duc Long, Deputy Head of the Provincial Industrial Zones Authority: Obtaining that result along with the efforts of enterprises, the interest and direction of the province, in the process of developing the Management Board of Industrial Zones Infrastructure companies focused on constructing synchronous industrial park infrastructure, creating a great investment environment, creating favorable conditions for businesses to develop and integrate. Supporting businesses in the process of operation, promptly solving difficulties and problems and accompanying them. As the standing agency of the Steering Committee for the development of service activities in the provincial industrial zones, the Management Board of Industrial Zones in coordination with the concerned departments and branches has initially implemented effectively 6 translation projects. This is a bridge to connect and provide services between local businesses and enterprises in industrial zones.

In 2019, many opportunities are expected from new-generation trade agreements (FTAs), including CPTTP, but also pose many challenges when Vietnam officially joins the big playing field. On the basis of analyzing the international and domestic context, assessing the current status of industrial park development, identifying development plans and adjusting the scope and structure of industries and industries, and taking into account the conditions of localities. in the Northern key economic region, Hanoi capital region and FDI capital into Vietnam, in order to catch up with the new trend, Bac Ninh will continue to build and develop a number of supporting industrial parks. To build and develop industrial parks in association with urban areas towards modernization and synchronization, which is a reliable and attractive destination for investors. Continue to promote reform of administrative procedures, publicity and transparency, create the most favorable conditions for investors, focusing on attracting large-scale, high-tech and environment-friendly projects. Take the initiative in promoting investment in IZs, creating a synchronous and close coordination between industries and localities. Exploiting effectively relationships with strategic partners, multinational corporations that hold advanced source technology and modern management level. Thereby, establishing a production linkage chain between domestic enterprises and FDI enterprises, implementing technology transfer to promote the spillover effects from the FDI sector.

Also according to the leaders of the Management Board of Industrial Zones in the province, anticipating new waves of investment in Bac Ninh, it is necessary to complete the Project of adjusting the development planning of industrial parks of Bac Ninh province to 2020 with orientation to 2035 and accelerate the establishing IZ (Yen Phong 2, VSIP II ...). Investing in the construction of waste water treatment stations, industrial waste treatment facilities, and building an environmental monitoring system. Grasp the situation and support to solve difficulties and problems of enterprises in industrial zones in the process of production and business. Well performing state management in all fields, improving the effectiveness of social safety management, proactively coordinating closely in ensuring order and security, fire protection in industrial zones. Building an industrial zone model of safety and order security, a typical advanced industrial park model, and at the same time continuing to effectively implement the service supporting projects of the industrial park./.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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