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Safe food plays an important role in improving the quality of life, improving human health, and is closely related to productivity, economic development efficiency - trade - tourism, welfare. society ... People are the subject of daily food use. Workers in Bac Ninh Industrial Zones account for the majority of the labor force working in the province, every day they consume a large number of food sources through mid-shift meals. Therefore, they must be paid special attention, because this is the direct object of creating material wealth for industrial zones, making an important contribution to the socio-economic development process of the whole province.

1. General situation of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones

Bac Ninh currently has 16 concentrated industrial parks approved by the Prime Minister with an area of ​​6,397.68 ha. There are 10 industrial parks in operation, 1,428 projects were granted investment registration certificates, total registered investment capital was 19.02 billion USD. There are 1,058 operating enterprises, employing 292,309 laborers (of which: local laborers are 26%, provincial laborers are 74%). The average income of indirect labor is VND 7.5 million / person / month, direct labor is VND 6.5 million / person / month). The values ​​of industrial production, turnover, export, import and budget contribution always account for a high proportion to contribute to the province's annual GDP. The contribution of workers to achieve the above results is enormous. This requires businesses and state agencies to always create conditions to pay attention to the lives of workers, especially the issue of improving health and quality of life.

2.Health situation and quality of meals of workers in Bac Ninh Industrial Zones

* About health care

Workers in Bac Ninh Industrial Zones have the characteristics of the Northern rural residents with small, low gauge, inability to work hard but have flexibility.

In order to ensure the availability of a contingent of workers capable of working, businesses in the IZ always care about periodic health examinations for workers. Often, after completing the interview, checking the capacity of the candidates, if they achieve results and are recruited, businesses conduct a full health check for candidates. Every year, employees are allowed to have periodic health examinations at least once according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Article 152 of the 2012 Labor Code. % of non-performing enterprises are new ones, which are not operating effectively. All health examination costs are paid by the company itself, the employee is responsible for participating in the full examination. Basically, workers have enough health to work and produce.

Health care conditions for employees have been invested by enterprises, infrastructure companies and business service providers, such as: On-site Medical Department, some industrial zones have a health center. , Polyclinics. Besides, other social infrastructures (kindergartens, schools, amusement parks, cultural houses ...) are gradually being improved, in which Yen Phong Industrial Park is building cultural institutions under the first project. Investment of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor. The industrial zones: Tien Son, Dai Dong - Hoan Son, Vsip, Yen Phong and Que Vo have built the Police Station, partly ensuring security and safety for workers to work.

* About the quality of workers' mid-shift meals

The most typical characteristic of the current industrial parks in Bac Ninh shows that the majority are young workers, the average age is from 18 to 35, most of them are women (60%). In addition, 26% of the employees are children in Bac Ninh but located in 8 districts, towns and cities, some people who work in industrial parks have to rent accommodation to stay. However, 100% of workers eat mid-shift at the enterprise. Some businesses organize overtime, work in groups, they eat 2 meals / day. Therefore, every day, about 300,000 meals are processed. Enterprises organize meals in the form of: 1) self-cooking (for small and micro enterprises); 2) hire a supplier (organize cooking at a collective kitchen in the enterprise). The lowest rate is about VND 18,000 / person / meal, the highest is about VND 50,000 / person / meal, an average of VND 20,000 / person / meal. Some businesses have Trade Union organizations or have Human Resources Department to supervise the menu, food ration quality during processing, minimize food insecurity. Basically, the meal has met the requirements for nutrients, quantity and quality in each meal, in accordance with the economic conditions of each business.

* Food poisoning situation has happened to workers in the IZs

According to incomplete statistics, food poisoning has occurred in some collective kitchens of industrial zone enterprises, specifically: as of October 2019, there have been 04 cases of food poisoning at Guhsung Co., Ltd. Vina, Hong Guang Plastic Co., Ltd, New Circuit Co., Ltd (Que Vo IP), Motus Vina Co., Ltd (Dai Dong-Hoan Son Industrial Park) caused 168 workers to be hospitalized and some workers showed signs of dyspepsia. chemical ... This has seriously affected the health of workers, production and business activities were interrupted, the prestige of the business was reduced. The above cases have been proactively coordinated by the Provincial Food Safety Management Board. After the results of the investigation have been made, the relevant agencies are informed and coordinated to improve the efficiency of state management of food safety and operations of enterprises.

3. Situation of state management coordination on Food safety between Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Management Board and Provincial Food Safety Management Board

Recently, although all levels and sectors have made great efforts in managing and ensuring food safety; The assignment of State management on Food Safety has also had Joint Joint Circular of the Ministry of Health, Agriculture - Rural Development, and Industry and Trade so it is no longer popularizing the story of "a bowl of three management sectors" as many years ago. Previously, but this work still faces difficulties and shortcomings, affecting the effectiveness of food safety management. The Bac Ninh Food Safety Management Board established basically also partially solved the above story.

Although not a specialized agency related to food safety, but in terms of being a direct state management agency for industrial zone enterprises, the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones recognizes: in fact Collaboration on state management of food safety in recent years for enterprises in Bac Ninh Industrial Park between the provincial Food Safety Management Board and the Management Board of Industrial Zones has not been tight, especially in the communication. information about food poisoning cases, propaganda for businesses and industrial inspection and examination of industrial enterprises.

Currently, the regulation on coordination of state management of food safety among sectors and People's Committees of districts, towns and cities has been implemented, especially the close coordination between the Provincial Food Safety Management Board and agencies: Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in ensuring food safety for initial production; Department of Industry and Trade in ensuring food safety at markets; Department of Health in implementing measures to prevent food poisoning; People's Committees of districts, towns and cities in food safety management in localities. However, according to the provisions of Decision No. 100/2009 / QD-UBND dated July 14, 2009 of Bac Ninh People's Committee, promulgating the Regulation on coordination of a number of state management tasks in industrial parks in Bac Ninh province Basically, agencies and units performing state management in fields related to industrial zone enterprises need to closely coordinate with Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority to ensure all State management activities according to branches and fields of the Departments, boards and branches in the industrial park are unified, smooth, proper functions and tasks, to avoid overlapping and duplication.

4. Enhancing interdisciplinary coordination in food safety management for enterprises in Bac Ninh Industrial Zone

From the above situation, in order to effectively interdisciplinary cooperation in food safety management for industrial zone enterprises, the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones proposed a number of solutions to enhance interdisciplinary coordination between agencies in the field of food safety for IZ enterprises, as follows:

- Proposing the provincial Food Safety Management Board to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the Management Board of Industrial Zones to develop a food safety propaganda plan for business leaders and catering providers for businesses and employees to raise awareness. The responsibility of managers, producers, businesses, consumers and workers for ensuring food safety is a top priority, which is a positive move to improve health. human health and quality of life, issues of race development, and closely related to productivity, efficiency of business development and social security.

- The sectors need to coordinate closely in the implementation of 6 service schemes in industrial parks, especially the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is the lead agency in the implementation of the project "providing food and food for industrial enterprises "by strictly controlling agricultural products, foodstuffs, foodstuffs in the stage of rearing, planting and producing before supplying to industrial zone enterprises, ensuring safety and hygiene in accordance with standards. standards allow.

- Strengthen coordination between Food Safety Management Board, Industrial Zones Management Board and Provincial Labor Confederation (directly Trade Union of Industrial Zones) to develop a plan to respond to the Occupational Safety and Health Month and Activities in the "Month Workers ”every year, to promote activities to enhance the assessment and management of risks of occupational safety, hygiene and food safety at the workplace for enterprises in the IZs. Organizing irregular inspection of collective kitchens, avoiding the situation that when there is an inspection team of workers can eat clean and delicious food.

- Coordinate and propose the General Confederation of Labor to direct the content of ensuring mid-shift meals in the Collective Labor Agreement with the lowest level from 0.8% to 1% of the regional minimum wage prescribed by the state and assigned the grassroots Trade Union to monitor the quality of meals as well as supervise the input materials of food sources.

- The Food Safety Management Board should strengthen the inspection and examination of the implementation of food safety regulations, apply harsh and strict sanctions for violations related to food safety, promptly notify them. The IZs violate IZ Management Boards because these are important criteria for the Bac Ninh IZs Management Board to review and propose the provincial Emulation and Reward Council annually.

- The Food Safety Management Board reports to the Provincial People's Committee, requests the Ministry of Health to complete and soon issue a Circular providing for food safety conditions of collective kitchens and establishments providing ready meals; promulgating criteria for building a standard collective kitchen. In particular, specific food safety conditions according to the size of the meal supply, according to the form of kitchen organization.

- The provincial Confederation of Labor takes the lead and coordinates with relevant agencies to guide the process for the Trade Union at the higher level to initiate lawsuits against the enterprise director if food poisoning occurs seriously affecting health and well-being. employee network.

With the objectives of the Project, by 2020, "Bac Ninh strives to be free of dirty food", the coordination of industries to strictly control food and food materials in the process of production, circulation, distribution, food business, catering services are the focus; actively promoting the role of inspection and control in order to manage and limit food safety hazards, ensure and protect the health of the community is an urgent requirement today. Therefore, the solution proposed by the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones is expected to contribute to the successful implementation of the above objectives.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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