14:01 06/01/2021
Through the Party congresses, the private economic units increasingly asserted their positions and important roles in the economy. Along with creating favorable conditions for private businesses to develop, our Party pays special attention to building party organizations and developing party members in these

Accordingly, implementing the Party's directives and resolutions, especially Directive No. 33-CT/TW dated 18/3/2019 of the Secretariat on "Strengthening the building of party organizations in private economic units”, Resolution No. 10-NQ/TU dated 20/8/2013 of the Party Committee of Bac Ninh province, term XVIII on“Developing party members and establishing party organizations in different types of enterprises outside the government area in the province”, Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority has cooperated with the Party Committee of Block of Agencies and Enterprises of the province to formulate and organize the implementation of plan on implementation of Resolution No. 10-NQ/TU; at the same time has capturee and surveyed the situation of party development in enterprises in industrial zones; checked party members who are active in the local party and work in IZ businesses to form party organizations; regularly propagating and campaigning for the establishment of grassroots mass organizations as nuclei to nurture resources for the development of party members and party grassroots organizations, which initially brought about positive results.

During the past term, the Block Party Committee has established 13 new business party branches, with over 150 members, admitted over 600 new party members in private enterprises, joint stock companies, limited liability companies. However, the development of party organizations and party members in private economic units still faced many difficulties and limitations. Party building in some businesses has not been respected, especially for party organizations where the party secretary is not the business owner.

In the coming years, in order to promote the development of party organizations and party members in private economic units, the Party Committee of the Bac Ninh Izs Authority proposes some following solutions:

1. It is suggested that all branches and levels focus on well implementing the Government's resolutions on supporting enterprise development. This is a prerequisite for the establishment and development of party organizations in non-state enterprises, including private enterprises. Particularly, the Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority keep strengthening the review and grasp of the operation situation to promptly support and solve difficulties and problems for industrial zone enterprises in the process of production and business activities.

2. Promote propaganda, campaign and organize the good implementation of directives and resolutions of the Politburo, the Secretariat, of Bac Ninh province, especially Directive No. 33-CT/TW of the Secretariat and Resolution No. 10-NQ/TU of the Provincial Party Committee. Focus on ideological orientation for workers. Raise awareness of owners of private economic units and workers about: (1) the benefits of joining the Party and the establishment of party organizations in private economic units; (2) on ensuring the Party's leadership role for the business. Propagate employees and business owners to realize that the Party's activities are to protect the interests of enterprises and employees.

3. Prioritize the development of business owners to members of party, membership level structure, or head of the party organization in the enterprise. Highlight a business model with an enterprise owner who is also the Secretary of the Party Branch in that enterprise.

4. Build a close relationship between business owners and party organizations and unions in the business.

5. Pay attention to fostering source cadres who are party members. Facilitate arrangement of party members into key positions in the business. Do well the planning work, fostering staff in the enterprise.

6. Suggest party committees at all levels to direct socio-political organizations to coordinate with business owners to support and create favorable conditions for workers to: ensure their income during the training classes of awareness of the party; have flexible party time, do not affect business activities of the business.

7. Renovate the content of party activities in enterprises outside the state sector and private enterprises towards quality and focus, towards the development of enterprises, improvement of profits and life for workers.

8. Strengthen the direction, guidance and inspection of party committees at all levels in the development of grassroots party organizations and party members in private economic units./.

Nguyen Mai Huong, Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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