Focus on promoting and attracting investment in major and key markets
16:27 14/11/2022
During this time, the province focuses on coordinating with foreign business associations in Vietnam and connecting online with Vietnamese Ambassadors in Korea, Japan, Singapore and the European and American regions to organize the investment promotion events.

In recent years, the investment promotion and attraction, especially for large and key markets, is being promoted by the province to create opportunities for cooperation and development for enterprises to approach and participate into the supply chain for enterprises with foreign direct investment (FDI), towards the global supply chain. These are also markets in line with the "3 high, 2 little" orientation in attracting investment that the province is steadfastly pursuing.

In the recent investment promotion programs, Bac Ninh province has paid special attention to organizing investment promotion and meeting programs with foreign partners and key markets such as Korea and Japan, Europe and the US, in order to attract large-scale investment projects with advanced and environmentally friendly technologies; Enhance promotion the image, investment environment, natural conditions, culture and people of Bac Ninh through information technology applications; Innovate investment promotion methods in the direction of meeting and working directly with large corporations and enterprises to create friendliness and closeness. Strengthen coordination with Vietnamese embassies in other countries to attract large European and Asian investors; stronger propaganda on the image of the agricultural sector and typical OCOP products of the province; promote investment attraction in urban areas…

In 2021 and earlier this year, the province's investment promotion activities still face many difficulties when being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic; Promotion activities must be carried out through indirect channels such as: Advising and guiding investors through online channels (social networks, zalo...), by phone, in writing, with investment promotion documents…

When the covid-19 epidemic situation is generally stable and the Government has policy on flexibly adapting to this epidemic, the Provincial People's Committee: (1) cooperates with functional agencies to strengthen investment promotion and  attraction, especially for key markets; (2) maximizes the connection between multinational corporations, large investors and the province; (3) focuses on promoting investment promotion activities on the spot, finding out and removing difficulties for domestic investment enterprises...

Investment promotion activities show the cohesion of the government with businesses. The government is always interested and ready to accompany and create favorable conditions for domestic and foreign investors, as a bridge to strengthen the cooperation and connection of enterprises, towards the sustainable development of the province. Through that, the province's investment attraction from the beginning of 2022 has still achieved positive results.

The province has attracted 43 domestic investment projects with a total registered investment capital of more than 14.382 billion dong; adjusted to increase capital for 34 projects with a total adjusted capital of more than 826 billion dong. In the field of attracting foreign investment, the province has granted certificates to new 98 projects with a registered investment capital of more than 177.2 million USD; adjusted capital for 108 projects with an increased adjusted capital of 1,638.99 million US dollar. The countries of Korea, Japan, Singapore... are still the leading countries in attracting investment in the province both in terms of capital as well as the number of projects.

In order to continue to effectively implement the investment attraction goals, the province strengthens the direction of specialized agencies and localities to diversify and be flexible in investment attraction activities. Focus on investment promotion activities on the spot, cooperate with partners with great potential and prospects; combine online and direct investment promotion forms in line with the policy of safe and flexible adaptation to the Covid-19 epidemic in the new situation. Promote reform and simplification of administrative procedures; strengthen digital transformation to open and transparent procedures, reduce time and costs for businesses. Speed up the implementation of industrial park projects that have been approved by the Prime Minister for investment policies; support projects after granting investment registration certificates and promptly solve difficulties and problems, creating all the most favorable conditions for enterprises to boost their production and business...

Translated by: Nguyen Mai Huong

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