Many meaningful volunteer activities of the Trade Union of industrial Zones in Bac Ninh in November 2020
19:03 22/12/2020
To implement the 2020 work Program; In 03 days (6-8/11/2020), the Trade Union of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones and enterprises in the industrial zones held a volunteer trip to Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province. This is an annual activity to share difficulties for poor students overcoming difficulties in upland areas

The Industrial Park Trade Union handed out 100 million VND in cash and essentials such as instant noodles, confectionery, cooking oil, rice, milk, notebooks, pens ..., worth more than 100 million VND for 09 schools in 04 communes: Sin Suoi Ho, Pa Vay Su, Tung Qua Lin, Mo Si San. This is a meaningful activity, demonstrating the tradition "Healthy leaves cover the torn leaves, less torn leaves cover the torn leaves".

Looking to the close Central region, responding to the Call of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor; Promoting the tradition of solidarity, mutual love "Good leaves protect torn leaves", with the spirit of "Giving rice share clothes"; In 03 days (18-20/11/2020), the Trade Union of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones and some enterprises in the public zones organized a volunteer trip to the two provinces of Quang Binh and Ha Tinh, giving each unit 500 million VND in cash with many necessities such as rice, dry salary, soap, instant noodles, notebooks, pens, toothpaste, blankets, clothes…, with total value about 300 million VND. The delegation also transfered the amount of 531 million VND to support the Labor Confederation of Thua Thien Hue province.

This is an activity to show affection and share with the people in the Central region before the serious damage caused by the floods, and at the same time it wants to create a pervasive power among the workers, officials and employees,  with consensus towards the close Central region, joining hands to share with the people in the Central region in order to quickly overcome difficulties and the consequences of rain and flood.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong, Chief of Office, Bacninh IZA
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