Opening up bottlenecks in economic development
08:34 31/12/2022
In 2022, with the efforts of the whole political system, business community and people, Bac Ninh's economy has gradually overcome challenges, still achieved impressive results despite difficulties, many targets achieved and exceeded the plan, in which the economic growth rate reached 7.39%.

Along with the positive highlights, looking back at the development process, it shows that the economic picture of Bac Ninh in 2022 still has bottlenecks that have not been opened up. Specifically, the collection of land use fees and the disbursement of public investment capital is still low; the recovery, compensation for site clearance of some works, construction of some projects is slow; endogenous technological capacity, the capacity of local enterprises is not high. The degree of dependence of the provincial economy on the FDI sector is high, the level of diffusion and capacity of technology absorbtion and the intrinsic health of the business community are not good...

Specifically, domestic revenue reached 97.9% of the estimates, of which collection of land use fees decreased by 62.5% compared to the estimates. Disbursement of public investment capital reached more than 59% of the plan, total social development investment capital of 59/70 trillion dong. FDI attraction decreased 44.3% in capital; per capita income reached 65.3 million dong (77.1 million dong as planned); total import and export turnover reached 99.6% of the plan... All these bottlenecks have affected the comprehensive economic development of the province.

Improving the "internal strength" of local businesses through connecting and becoming a supplier for FDI enterprises

The year 2023 is forecasted to still have many difficulties and challenges. This is the middle year of the implementation of the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress to create development impetus for the years 2024-2025. To achieve the economic growth target of 6.5%-7.0%/year, it is necessary to focus all resources on clearing the identified bottlenecks in 2022. In which, focusing on key solutions; That is the practical and effective implementation of economic restructuring in association with the renewal of the growth model, the increase in the productivity of synthetic factors, the development of the digital economy and the circular economy. Improving the collection and update of information as a basis for setting targets and plans. Focusing on completion of the Bac Ninh Provincial Planning and the Bac Ninh Urban General Plan to 2045 as a basis for making detailed subdivision planning, creating space to attract development investment. Solving difficulties for businesses, especially in import and export activities. Promoting investment attraction and business development by developing tax incentives, support in terms of premises, land, inputs, product consumption, brand promotion, technology application, transfer change numbers...

Business associations, industry associations need to strengthen activities for businesses to support, share lessons about the market, business, and about strengthening the "internal resources" of local businesses. Innovating methods and diversifying forms of investment promotion, focusing on "on-the-spot" investment promotion activities; strengthening exchange and cooperation between localities in Bac Ninh province and with local governments of other countries, in order to attract new investment resources and anticipate the trend of shifting investment capital flows. Focusing on completion of infrastructure projects in industrial zones, urban areas and large commercial zones in order to create space for development and attraction of foreign investment. Accelerating disbursement of public investment capital, striving to reach 100% by 2023. Finalizing projects, identifying and supplementing the tasks of spending and list of projects to be implemented in the years 2023, 2024 , 2025. Reviewing land use master plans and planing, speeding up the progress of land projects. Strictly managing and effectively using land and resources, protecting the environment, conducting a review of overdue land use projects to take measures to solve projects that allocate residential and service land to people. Along with that, paying attention to development of agricultural production, high-tech application agriculture, building new countryside towards modern, comprehensive, sustainable and synchronous development associated with the process of urbanization. Developing highly qualified and skilled human resources in association with innovation, creation, application and strong development of science and technology, contributing to improving labor productivity and increasing competitiveness in new situation./.

Translated by Nguyen Mai Huong
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